ICCF planuje zniesienie możliwości zdobywania tytułów LGM oraz LIM

Pragnę poinformować, że ICCF planuje znieść możliwość uzyskiwania tytułów LGM oraz LIM (szczegółowa informacja poniżej). Proszę o ewentualne opinie w tej sprawie.

Decyzja w tej sprawie będzie podjęta na Kongresie ICCF 2015 w Cardiff (Walia).

Mariusz Wojnar, Delegat Polski do ICCF


ICCF Congress 2015

16th – 22nd August 2015 Cardiff Wales

ICCF 2015-001: Eliminate Ladies Titles of LIM and LGM

Michael Millstone, General Secretary

Effective, January 1, 2016, ICCF should no longer offer women opportunities to earn Lady International Master (LIM) or Lady Grandmaster (LGM) titles.


Effective, January 1, 2016, ICCF should no longer offer women opportunities to earn Lady International Master (LIM) or Lady Grandmaster (LGM) titles.


Correspondence chess is a game of mental ability – there is no need for a physical or psychological advantage that would offer a man an advantage.  Therefore, to offer a much lower qualification path to international ICCF titles denigrates an entire class of players.

Other Comments/Considerations

In researching this practice by reviewing past ICCF documentation and conversations with long-time ICCF officials, only two explanations of why this disparity exists were offered:

  • Alignment with FIDE.  This is no longer a realistic or valid excuse as ICCF has already set precedence of deviating from FIDE’s rules, policies, and procedures when appropriate.
  • Because correspondence chess is predominately a male sport, offering lower qualifications to titles would encourage more women to join ICCF.  An ICCF database query revealed the following:


Year Active Women
1993 107
1994 120
1995 139
1996 145
1997 135
1998 134
1999 131
2000 191
2001 207
2002 212
2003 223
2004 233
2005 246
2006 136
2007 128
2008 129
2009 128
2010 136
2011 112
2012 126
2013 133
2014 144

This table indicates that for the past 19-years, award of diminished titles with diminished qualifications for women (as compared to men) has not resulted in any increase in female membership.

Implementing this proposal would not be retroactive.  Ladies titles earned will be retained forever.  This also does not preclude separate women events; however, the same rating and title specifications in place for men should be adopted across the board for all players, regardless of age, disability, language, political or other opinions, property, birth origin, genetic information, national origin, race, color, religion, or gender.

Relevant Documentation

ICCF Statutes (Article 10) – (information only) – “ICCF is a democratic association and does not discriminate based on race, skin colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinions, national or social origin, property, birth origin or any other status.  ICCF observes strict neutrality with respect to the internal affairs of member federations and affiliated organizations.

Tournament Rules (1.0.7) – remove the following: “The Ladies Grandmaster and Ladies International Master titles do not entitle their holders to participate in the World Championship Semi-Finals or Candidates’ Tournament.”

Tournament Rules (9.1) – (information only) – “It is the sincere wish of the ICCF to award equivalent titles for equivalent achievement.”

Tournament Rules (10.1) – remove the following: “(f) Correspondence Chess Ladies Grandmaster, (g) International Correspondence Chess Ladies’ Master”.

Tournament Rules (10.7 and 10.8) – remove these sections completely.

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