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Header presents collection of trees in blossom pictured on 29.04.2012 during my visit in the Botanical Garden in Powsin Warsaw (Poland).


MT-Bielecki Top Players


Welcome to the website dedicated to chess events to honour our friend Witold Bielecki.

There are four of them, so that everybody could have a chance to participate:

  1. Witold Bielecki Memorial, invitational tournament, start date: 01.03.2012
    • Top players, cat.16, 13 players
    • Bravo section, cat.12, 13 players
  2. ICCF Diamond Jubilee World Cup 18 in memory of Witold Bielecki, 3 stages, start date: 30.10.2011, 844 entries from 53 countries
  3. Witold Bielecki Memorial, team tournament ELO<2000, start date: 25.01.2012, 22 European national teams, 6 players per team
  4. Match Witold’s Friends – Rest of the World, start date: 01.03.2012, 261 boards

Information about Witek can be found at separate page.


Witamy na stronie poświęconej turniejom korespondencyjnym, aby uhonorować naszego przyjaciela Witolda Bieleckiego.

Są cztery przedsięwzięcia, tak aby każdy miał szansę na udział:

  1. Memoriał Witolda Bieleckiego, turniej za zaproszeniami, start: 01.03.2012
    • Top players, kat.16, 13 zawodników
    • Bravo section, kat.12, 13 zawodników
  2. 18 Puchar Świata w 60 rocznicę ICCF poświęcony pamięci Witolda Bieleckiego, 3 etapy, start: 30.10.2011, 844 zgłoszenia z 53 krajów
  3. Memoriał Witolda Bieleckiego, turniej drużynowy ELO<2000, start: 25.01.2012, 22 europejskie drużyny narodowe po 6 zawodników w każdej
  4. Mecz Przyjaciele Witolda – Reszta Świata, start: 01.03.2012, 261 szachownic

Informacje o Witku można znaleźć na osobnej stronie.


You can look at fihished games in Witold Bielecki Memorial/ Top players at special page MT-Bielecki/Top games. All games you can find in cross table. Open games you can see live with 5-move delay. Some of ongoing games can be found at ICCF website in “Live games” area. All games you can watch live at page “MT-Bielecki/Top – live transmission” (updated on regular basis).

Zakończone partie w Memoriale Witolda Bieleckiego/ Top players można zobaczyć na stronie MT-Bielecki/Top games. Wszystkie partie można znaleźć w tabeli turniejowej. Trwające partie można zobaczyć na żywo z opóźnieniem 5 posunięć. Niektóre partie można znaleźć na stronie ICCF w panelu “Live games“. Wszystkie partie można obejrzeć na żywo na stronie “MT-Bielecki/Top – live transmission” (regularnie aktualizowanej).

World Cup 18 semi-final round ends on 2015-04-01 – call for adjudication

Dear Chessfriends,

The semi-finals of this World Cup started on 2013-08-30 with 156 players in 12 server sections and now it is coming to the end on 2015-04-01. We have 93% completed games (range from 74% to 100%) - 2 sections out of 12 finished play. See below more statistics.

We know 2 qualified players for the World Cup 18 semi-finals until now. Both of them confirmed their participation already. Information about all qualified players for the final is posted regularly at the tournament website.

Start of the World Cup 18 final is scheduled for 2015-08-30 at the latest.

Should there be any non starters or unexpected withdrawals, the final might be completed by players from a prioritized list of reserve (those sharing 1st place). Some of these players might be contacted (if applicable) by TO Mariusz Wojnar via e-mail who will be offered any vacancies which arise.

List of reserve will be employed until October/November 2015 (more or less).

Adjudication Guidelines

After the end date of the semi-finals (2015-04-01) all unfinished games are called for adjudication.
Games will be stopped by me manually on 2015-04-02. Some od these games might be restarted later, especially if they have no influence on promotions.

Both players involved shall submit to TD (Mariusz Wojnar) no later than 2015-04-15 statement claiming either a win or a draw. Failure to submit a claim may result in a loss.

Players should submit analysis to support their claim. Claims of a win will not be accepted for consideration without supporting analysis. Analysis does not necessarily mean possible variations; it also includes general plans where appropriate. Players involved will be promptly notified of the adjudicator’s decision. The adjudicator’s decision is final, without appeal.


Amici sumus

Mariusz Wojnar

Central Tournament Leader


Below some statistics and qualifications by sections can be found as of 2015-03-07.

Section Games FG# % End date Qualified for the World Cup 18 final
DJ-CT18 936 866 93% 2 players
DJ-CT18/sf01 78 72 92%
DJ-CT18/sf02 78 58 74%
DJ-CT18/sf03 78 78 100% 2015-02-24 Dolya, Anatoly Leonidovich
DJ-CT18/sf04 78 74 95%
DJ-CT18/sf05 78 71 91%
DJ-CT18/sf06 78 73 94%
DJ-CT18/sf07 78 67 86%
DJ-CT18/sf08 78 76 97%
DJ-CT18/sf09 78 72 92%
DJ-CT18/sf10 78 78 100% 2015-02-03 Podvoysky, Evgeny Borisovich
DJ-CT18/sf11 78 74 95%
DJ-CT18/sf12 78 73 94%


MT-Bielecki Top Players – update 2015-02-14

Witold Bielecki Memorial


Current GM norm statistics for Witold Bielecki Memorial participants are following:

#GM Norms Title Name, First Name Nat GM-since
13 GM Wunderlich, Dr. Hans-Dieter GER 2006
11 GM Nickel, Arno GER 2001
11 GM Voss, Maximilian GER 2003
9 GM Lafarga Santorromán, David ESP 2008
9 GM Papenin, Nikolai UKR 2011
8 GM Busemann, Dr. Stephan GER 1996
8 GM Hall, Richard V. M. ENG 2002
8 GM Ljubičić, Ing. Leonardo CRO 2011
7 GM Hoeven, David A. van der NED 2004
7 GM Langeveld, Ron A. H. NED 2006
3 GM Szczepański, Zbigniew POL 2011
2 GM Starke, Dr. René-Reiner GER 2012
1 SIM Wilczek, Tadeusz POL -
97 In total



Short biographical notes of participants click here (kliknij tutaj) updated (zaktualizowano) 2015-02-15
Krótkie notki biograficzne uczestników


Some statistics for MT-Bielecki participants click here (kliknij tutaj) updated (zaktualizowano) 2015-02-15
Wybrane statystyki uczestników Memoriału Bieleckiego


Rating development of MT-Bielecki/Top players has been updated for the Rating List 2015/1:

Rating development 2015_1


Witold Bielecki Memorial/Top Players, event started on 01.03.2012, is the strongest tournament since 2002. It can be observed at the “Top ICCF tournaments list” published at the ICCF Diamond Jubilee Web Book. It is the 3rd strongest tournament in ICCF history with average rating 2638,46, just few rating points ahead of Hermann-Heemsoth Memorial (Rav=2632,82). There are only three events at category 16.

You can look at the participant list from different perspectives (see below short specification). So you can find here not only top rated players, but world champions (individual and team) or GM collectors, as well! That is very fascinating for cc fans to follow achievements of their beloved players during course of the event :)

  1. World Championship finals (Individual)
  2. World Championship finals (Team)
  3. World Championship medal collectors
    • 4 medals- (3 gold, 1 bronze) GM Stephan Busemann (GER),
    • 2 medals- (1 gold, 1 silver) GM Hans-Dieter Wunderlich (GER), (1 gold, 1 silver) GM Maximilian Voss (GER), (2 bronze) GM David van der Hoeven (NED),
    • 1 medal- (1 gold) GM Ron Langeveld (NED), (1 gold) GM Arno Nickel (GER), (1 silver) GM Richard Hall (ENG), (1 silver) GM David Lafarga (ESP),
  4. Top rated players with GM Nikolai Papenin (UKR) and GM Ron Langeveld (NED) at the top of the ICCF rating list (at the start of the event)
  5. Participants of the 4th top rated event Hermann-Heemsoth Memorial (Rav=2632,82):
    • GM Ron Langeveld (NED), GM Richard Hall (ENG), GM Maximilian Voss (GER), GM Stephan Busemann (GER),
  6. Winners of top ICCF tournaments:
  7. All players are titled, 12 out of 13 are GMs
  8. GM norm collectors – at the top is GM Hans-Dieter Wunderlich (GER) with 13 GM-norms (the highest number among ICCF players) assisted by GM Arno Nickel (GER) and GM Maximilian Voss (GER) – with 11 GM-norms! All 13 participants gained until now 97 GM norms! [150214]
In order to attract public attention to correspondence chess, tournament organizer asked players for their opinion about live display. All players positively responded to request. TD IA Carlos Flores (ESP) joined that idea as well. It is advisable to have consensus at so high level event.
So there is good news for correspondence chess enthusiasts – all games are displayed live starting from 15.10.2012! Live transmission is delayed by 5 moves.


Witold Bielecki Memorial/ Bravo section – finished!

Polish CC Federation organized Witold Bielecki Memorial/Bravo section at category 12 (average rating 2527) with 13 players and IA Hans-Jürgen Isigkeit from Germany as TD.

In this event 4 Polish players participated:

-3 Champions of Poland:

  • Rafael Pierzak – 38th (1995-1997)
  • Antoni Schön – twice 49th (2006-2008) & 50th (2007-2009)
  • Jerzy Staniszewski – 54th (2011-2012)

-1 bronze medalist of Polish Championship:

  • Marek Sądowski – 56th (2013-2014)

The tournament started on 2012-03-01 with no end date. Last game finished on 2014-11-08, so the event concluded after 2 years and 8 months. The final standing is presented below. Games can downloaded from Get PGN.

Witold Bielecki Memorial/ Bravo section TD Isigkeit, Hans-Jürgen (IA)
Category 12 GM=7½ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Score Wins SB
1 ESP SIM Bescós Anzano, Manuel Jesús 2540 ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 1 1 8 4 44,75
1 POL SIM Pierzak, Rafael 2496 ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 1 1 8 4 44,75
3 GER GM Kögler, Klaus 2524 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ 7 2 40,50
4 CZE GM Straka, Zdeněk 2544 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ ½ ½ 1 7 2 40,25
5 NZL GM Noble, Mark F. 2560 0 0 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ 1 ½ ½ 6 2 33,25
6 RUS SIM Galanov, Sergey Igorevich 2519 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 6 0 36,00
6 UKR GM Bubir, Alex Nikolaevich 2555 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 6 0 36,00
8 NOR GM Haugen, Arild 2545 ½ ½ 0 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 0 1 ½ 5,5 1 32,50
9 POL SIM Schön, Antoni 2479 ½ ½ ½ 0 0 ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ ½ 5,5 1 32,25
10 ROU SIM Sferle, Miron 2528 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 0 ½ ½ 5,5 0 33,75
11 RUS SIM Nekhaev, Andrey Ivanovich 2564 0 0 ½ ½ 0 ½ ½ 1 0 1 ½ ½ 5
12 POL SIM Sądowski, Marek 2501 0 0 0 ½ ½ ½ ½ 0 ½ ½ ½ 1 4,5
13 POL SIM Staniszewski, Jerzy 2500 0 0 ½ 0 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 0 4
GM R.Pierzak (POL) - winner

GM Rafael Pierzak (POL) – winner

Winners are both – GM Rafael Pierzak (POL) and GM Manuel Bescós (ESP) (having the same

GM Manuel Bescós (ESP) - winner

GM Manuel Bescós (ESP) – winner

tie-breaking)! Moreover, Manuel & Rafael fulfilled GM norms and gained GM titles during course of the event.


Medals & certificates for the first 3 players (M.J.Bescós Anzano, R.Pierzak & K.Kögler) will be presented to national delegates at the ICCF Congress in 2015 in Wales. Or they will be sent to players by post depending on their preferences.


Statistics of GM norms for Witold Bielecki Memorial/B participants after recent achivements :

#GM Norms Title Name, First Name Nat GM-since
6 GM Haugen, Arild NOR 2006
5 GM Noble, Mark F. NZL 2010
4 GM Straka, Zdeněk CZE 2011
3 GM Kögler, Klaus GER 2007
3 GM Bescós Anzano, Manuel Jesús ESP 2012
2 GM Bubir, Alex Nikolaevich UKR 2009
2 GM Pierzak, Rafael POL 2013
1 SIM Galanov, Sergey Igorevich RUS -
- SIM Nekhaev, Andrey Ivanovich RUS -
- SIM Sądowski, Marek POL -
- SIM Schön, Antoni POL  -
- SIM Sferle, Miron ROU -
- SIM Staniszewski, Jerzy POL  -


Match Witold’s Friends – Rest of the World – finished with result 256½:263½!

The biggest match in the world Match Witold’s Friends – Rest of the World on 261 boards (server part at 252 boards and postal part at 9 boards) started on 2012-03-01 finished on 2014-12-28 with result 256½:263½ (245½:258½, 11:5).

But more important than final result was friendly meeting to honour our friend Witold Bielecki :)

Let me thank to all of you for your participantion in this match!

There were 522 qualified entries from 511 players from 54 countries, including 93 entries from titled players (15xGM, 43xSIM, 33xIM, 1xLGM, 1xILM), with the highest rating 2579.

World Champion Dr. Fritz Baumbach has favoured us as well, in addition twice: by server and by post! Also ICCF President, Eric Ruch, participated in this event.

Witold Bielecki Memorial/Top Players – update 2015-12-12

Dear Friends,

After 2 years and 9 months from start of Witold Bielecki Memorial/Top Players – the strongest ICCF event since 12 years – only one game remains open.

We know that winners are both GM Stephan Busemann and GM David A. van der Hoeven.

Congratulations to Stephan & David!

Last game is decisive for the 3rd place –  chances still have GM Arno Nickel, GM David Lafarga Santorromán & GM Leonardo Ljubičić.

Please be informed that medals & certificates will be presented at the ICCF Congress in 2015 in Wales or in 2016 in Germany. Or they will be sent to you by post depending on your preferences.
I would like to kindly remind you to annotate one of your games played in this tournament, which is required by tournament regulations sent to you at the start of the event. They will be published at least at the tournament website. I am looking for your games as soon as you can.

Our friend Carlos Flores is unable to perform TD duties since few months because of helf problems. In all tournaments he was replaced by another TD, but I found not necessary to change him in this event.

If problem or claim may arrise please write to me directly – I will consider it instead of Carlos.

I wish all of you and your families Merry Christmass and please accept my warmest greetings on the occation of the New Year 2015!

Best regards, Mariusz


Message from ICCF President Eric Ruch to all participants.

Dear friends:
I would like to congratule the winners for their great achivement in this high level tournament, and I am very exited to read their annoted games.
I would also like to thank Mariusz for the organisation of this tournament to honor the memory of Witold.
Amici sumus, Eric 

Report on World Cup 18 semi-finals as of 2014-08-30


One year after official start of the World Cup 18 semi-finals we have 74% completed games (range from 49% to 95%). See below more statistics.

Evgeny Podvoysky (RUS) from section 10 is the first player qualified to final stage (on 2014-07-04).

The final is expected to start as soon as all qualifiers are known.

Below some statistics and qualifications by sections can be found as of 2014-08-30.


Section Games FG# % End date Qualified for the World Cup 18 final
DJ-CT18 936 694 74% 1 player
DJ-CT18/sf01 78 47 60%
DJ-CT18/sf02 78 45 58%
DJ-CT18/sf03 78 74 95%
DJ-CT18/sf04 78 38 49%
DJ-CT18/sf05 78 66 85%
DJ-CT18/sf06 78 52 67%  
DJ-CT18/sf07 78 50 64%
DJ-CT18/sf08 78 66 85%
DJ-CT18/sf09 78 68 87%
DJ-CT18/sf10 78 71 91% Podvoysky, Evgeny Borisovich
DJ-CT18/sf11 78 58 74%
DJ-CT18/sf12 78 59 76%


Amici sumus
Mariusz Wojnar
Central Tournament Leader

ICCF Diamond Jubilee Webserver World Cup 18 preliminaries finished on 2014-03-30!

We received 844 entries (685 players) from 53 countries, which were distributed to 65 groups with average rating from 2105 to 2124, close to average rating of all entries 2115. Those countries with 50 or more entries  were: Germany 117, Russia 91, USA 58, Spain 54, Poland 53, Italy 52.

ICCF Diamond Jubilee Webserver World Cup 18 preliminaries started on 2011-10-30. There was a fixed closing date 2013-06-01, therefore several unfinished games were adjudicated or allowed to be continued. Now the last game finished (on 2014-03-30), so preliminaries took 2 years and 5 months.

The first completed game was the game Kilichenko, Aleksandr-Jerkovic, Leonardo in section 63 ended on 2011-10-03, 18:39 with result 1-0 and the last game was the game Kjeldsen, Karsten-Witzschel, Peter in section 33 ended on 2014-03-30,12:41 with result 0-1.

The semifinal stage was opened to the 2 top players of each preliminary section. In addition, those players who qualified for previous editions of World Cup Finals were also entitled to play – unless, they exploited their right already. Special invitation was addressed to participants of the ICCF Golden Jubilee Final tournaments in order to bridge both 50th and 60th Anniversaries of ICCF. All participants of the “ICCF 50 Jubilee Email Final” and the first 13 players (out of 104) of the “ICCF 50 Jubilee Postal Final“ were invited. Taking into account number of entries organizer decided to launch 12 semi-final groups – 13 players each, in total 156 entries. Few qualified players resigned from further play or were silent (despite 3 or more warnings). So finally 152 entries were registered and verified. Before start of the event 4 vacancies were filled up by players from list of reserve.

Below some statistics by sections.

Section End date World Cup 18 preliminaries (winner & runner-up)
DJ-CT18/pr01 2013-10-23 Bonfissuto, Giulio (ITA) Ros Padilla, Javier (ESP)
DJ-CT18/pr02 2013-06-07 Tseng, Wilbur (USA) Voiculescu, Costel (ROU)
DJ-CT18/pr03 2013-07-21 Tseng, Wilbur (USA) Mercader Martínez, Juan Gustavo (MEX)
DJ-CT18/pr04 2013-03-19 Lakudas, Andrey (UKR) Chamaev, Aleksandr Viktorovich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr05 2013-05-30 Chamaev, Aleksandr Viktorovich (RUS) Romm, Mikhail Yakovlevich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr06 2012-10-25 Silin, Viktor Aleksandrovich (RUS) Schyndel, Andreas van (GER)
DJ-CT18/pr07 2013-06-17 Verhoef, Helge (GER) Rogos st., Ján (SVK)
DJ-CT18/pr08 2013-04-12 Rost, Detlef (GER) Barth, Hans-Jürgen (GER)
DJ-CT18/pr09 2013-03-16 Vassiliev, Iouri (UKR) Schüppel, Ralf (GER)
DJ-CT18/pr10 2013-05-05 Delizia, Costantino (ITA) Matei, Cornel (ROU)
DJ-CT18/pr11 2013-06-18 Sanz Algarrada, José (ESP) Staniszewski, Jerzy (POL)
DJ-CT18/pr12 2013-06-08 Dunlop, Gordon (AUS) Glukhov, Aleksandr Valerievich (RUS) & Raijmaekers, René C. H. (NED)
DJ-CT18/pr13 2013-06-04 Kappes, Dieter (GER) & Ohtake, Sakae (JPN)
DJ-CT18/pr14 2014-01-05 Sawicki, Wiesław (POL) Ilken, Zafer (TUR)
DJ-CT18/pr15 2013-03-31 Woodard, Daniel S. (USA) Ylönen, Olli (FIN)
DJ-CT18/pr16 2013-02-26 Peschke, Uwe (GER) Crabb, Neil D. (ENG)
DJ-CT18/pr17 2013-03-19 Visloguzov, Vadim Anatolievich (BLR) Uusitalo, Jarmo (FIN)
DJ-CT18/pr18 2013-02-10 Ulbig, Stefan (GER) Seelig, Jürgen (GER)
DJ-CT18/pr19 2013-03-17 Lednev, Valery Alekseevich (RUS) Carvaga, Roman (SVK)
DJ-CT18/pr20 2013-06-18 Johansson, Mats (SWE) Stanach, Fabian (POL)
DJ-CT18/pr21 2013-05-29 Broudin, Melissa (FRA) Jaworski, Mirosław (POL)
DJ-CT18/pr22 2013-06-18 Cutillas Ripoll, Pascual (ESP) Sychov, Aleksandr Vitalievich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr23 2013-03-12 Ilyasov, Anatoly Fedorovich (RUS) Kilichenko, Aleksandr Vladimirovich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr24 2013-06-18 Nowakowski, Mirosław (POL) Krüger, Hilmar (GER)
DJ-CT18/pr25 2013-05-08 Karakaş, Serdar (TUR) Vegjeleki, Adolf (AUT)
DJ-CT18/pr26 2013-06-26 Dolya, Anatoly Leonidovich (RUS) Shcherbatyuk, Sergey Nikolaevich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr27 2013-03-22 Krupnov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich (RUS) Zięba, Zdzisław (POL)
DJ-CT18/pr28 2013-06-18 Lins, Thomas (GER) Tsygankov, Evgeny Georgievich (RUS) & Nordal, Sven (NOR)
DJ-CT18/pr29 2013-10-06 Sanz Algarrada, José (ESP) Eschert, Uwe (GER)
DJ-CT18/pr30 2013-09-07 Mourato, Mário (POR) Varlamov, Fedor Sergeevich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr31 2012-10-08 Szymański, Robert (POL) Holec, Michael (AUT)
DJ-CT18/pr32 2013-04-30 Szymański, Robert (POL) Nørrelykke, Svend G. J. (DEN)
DJ-CT18/pr33 2014-03-30 Borroni, Enrico (ITA) Gunkel, Wolfgang (GER)
DJ-CT18/pr34 2013-05-03 Jacobs, Rudolf (GER) Rihtarič, Dr. Ivan (SLO)
DJ-CT18/pr35 2013-05-14 Petersons, Indulis (LAT) Klochán, Peter (SVK)
DJ-CT18/pr36 2013-06-19 Kurgansky, Vitaly Ivanovich (RUS) Bagaoutdinov, Arthur (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr37 2013-12-30 Moskvichev, Valery Ivanovich (RUS) Nizky, Roman Yakovlevich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr38 2013-09-21 Smythe, Antonio (CAN) Steinkellner, Peter (AUT)
DJ-CT18/pr39 2013-05-14 Dorer, Manfred (GER) Pina Fernández, José Antonio (ESP)
DJ-CT18/pr40 2013-03-10 Böken, Michael (GER) Morley, Paul (CAN)
DJ-CT18/pr41 2013-06-09 Ilyin, Pavel Egorovich (RUS) Aykent, Serdar (USA) & Würschner, Miroslav (SVK)
DJ-CT18/pr42 2013-06-19 Rekhtman, Pavlo (UKR) Pheby, Ian M. (ENG)
DJ-CT18/pr43 2013-05-28 Limanskis, Nikolajs (LAT) Czekała, Franciszek (POL)
DJ-CT18/pr44 2013-05-07 Steinkellner, Peter (AUT) Daus, Peter (GER)
DJ-CT18/pr45 2013-05-27 Kažoks, Aivars (LAT) Thompson, Brian (ENG)
DJ-CT18/pr46 2013-01-09 Terreaux, Gilles (SUI) Salvatore, Carmine (ITA)
DJ-CT18/pr47 2013-06-13 Horvat, Milan (SLO) Schmidt, Loren R. (JPN)
DJ-CT18/pr48 2013-05-21 Junge, Wolfgang (GER) Secchi, Dino (ITA)
DJ-CT18/pr49 2013-02-19 Laghetti, Gaetano (ITA) Rawlings, Alan J. C. (ENG)
DJ-CT18/pr50 2013-01-07 Dessaules, Peter (USA) Budkin, Gennady Aleksandrovich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr51 2013-03-27 Bleker, Frits (GRE) Puzone, Mario (ITA)
DJ-CT18/pr52 2013-01-13 Amico, Rosario (ITA) Podvoysky, Evgeny Borisovich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr53 2013-03-13 Girard, Eric (FRA) Hering, Hartmut (GER)
DJ-CT18/pr54 2013-12-18 Glørstad, Trond (NOR) Pinho, Joaquim Brandão de (POR)
DJ-CT18/pr55 2013-06-17 Fedorov, Sergey Yurievich (RUS) Isigkeit, Hans-Jürgen (GER)
DJ-CT18/pr56 2013-06-19 Philippeit, Boris (GER) Kozlov, Vadim Yakovlevich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr57 2013-05-23 Mamrukov, Dmitri (RUS) Jensen, Claus (DEN)
DJ-CT18/pr58 2012-09-19 Even, Dr. Roland (GER) Tyulenko, Yuri Viktorovich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr59 2013-09-10 Kopelevich, Aleksandr Solomonovich (RUS) Rivas Maceda, Juan (PER)
DJ-CT18/pr60 2013-10-09 Tienhoven, Richard M. van (NED) Wukits, René (AUT)
DJ-CT18/pr61 2013-04-19 Zylla, Johannes (GER) Aksenov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr62 2013-05-06 Brewer, Shaun (ENG) Rudenko, Aleksandr Vladimirovich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr63 2012-11-12 Kilichenko, Aleksandr Vladimirovich (RUS) Manaenkov, Vladimir Nikolaevich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr64 2013-02-15 Voveris, Gediminas (LTU) Shishkov, Pavel Aleksandrovich (RUS)
DJ-CT18/pr65 2013-06-21 Schmidt, Theo (GER) Davidov, Alexandar (BUL)


Amici Sumus

Mariusz Wojnar, Central Tournament Leader

Report on World Cup 18 semi-finals as of 2014-03-08


Half a year after official start of the World Cup 18 we have 33% completed games (range from 12% to 65%). See below more statistics.

Below some statistics and qualifications by sections can be found as of 2014-03-08.


Section Games FG# %
DJ-CT18 936 306 33%
DJ-CT18/sf01 78 11 14%
DJ-CT18/sf02 78 24 31%
DJ-CT18/sf03 78 51 65%
DJ-CT18/sf04 78 15 19%
DJ-CT18/sf05 78 24 31%
DJ-CT18/sf06 78 16 21%
DJ-CT18/sf07 78 9 12%
DJ-CT18/sf08 78 42 54%
DJ-CT18/sf09 78 32 41%
DJ-CT18/sf10 78 38 49%
DJ-CT18/sf11 78 23 29%
DJ-CT18/sf12 78 21 27%


Witold Bielecki Memorial Team Tournament Final started on 2013-09-08

Dear Chessfriends,

Welcome to Witold Bielecki Memorial Team Tournament Final!

This European national team tournament is the second edition of a team event (6 boards) with average rating not higher than 2000.

This edition has been organized in 2 stages, preliminary and final, by ICCF-Europa, with support of the Polish Correspondence Chess Federation and called Witold Bielecki Memorial Team Tournament (MT-Bielecki TT), in tribute to Witold Bielecki (1947-2008) – former president of the Polish Correspondence Chess Federation and Polish delegate to ICCF.

Tournament attracted 22 European national teams. They were distributed to 3 sections. The first three teams from each section were eligible to play in the final.

Preliminaries began on 2012-01-25. There are still few open games, but finally the last decisive game finished and we know all teams qualified for the final (section 1 – Belarus, Austria & Finland; section 2 – Russia, Slovakia & Czech Republic; section 3 – Ukraine, Romania & Poland).

Please receive my heartiest congratulations for your promotion!

Some players progressed a lot in comparison to preliminary stage. Players whose ratings increased over 2050 were still eligible to participate in the final, but any replacement player must be rated not higher than 2050. For few new players provisional rating was assumed 1900.

The final started on 2013-09-08 with no end date.

This is a rated event played on ICCF server. ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used. 30 days of leave per year are available to each player. Linear conditionals can be entered. Other participants can see the games only when they are finished, and at least 1 games are finished in the event. The public can see the games only when they are finished, and at least 1 games are finished in the event. The team mates and captain can see the games live after 0 games are finished in the event. Live transmission is delayed by 0 moves.

This event is organized and directed by Mariusz Wojnar (POL). Backup TD is IA Marco Caressa (ITA).

For news on the event please look at tournament page (http://kszgk.com/bielecki/).

All ICCF Rules valid for this event are placed at page http://kszgk.com/bielecki/?page_id=342. Please note especially tiebreaking (ICCF TR, article 7), which is slightly different from preliminary stage.

As for team tournaments article 7.3 applies.

(a) tie breaking on the basis of team results (2 additional points for a won match, 1 additional point for a drawn match),

(b) the results of the tied teams against each other.

(c) better individual result on bd.1 (following bd.2, 3 etc.) – article 7.2 applies

  • number of wins by each tied player,
  • points evaluation by the Sonneborn-Berger-System,
  • results of the tied players against each other.


See below list of teams.

No Team Rav TC
1 Slovakia 2104 Manduch, Milan
2 Russia 2099 Pavlikov, Andrey Nikolaevich
3 Ukraine 2098 Yeremenko,   Andrei
4 Czech Republic 2084 Volf, Michal
5 Poland 2079 Kamiński, Janusz
6 Belarus 2076 Ivanov, Alexandr Sergeevich
7 Austria 2025 Hofer, Rudolf
8 Finland 2017 Lahdenmäki, Leo
9 Romania 1997 Taras, Iulian


Several players are new, so please be patient and give them necessary attention.

Please be aware of some basic issues placed at page “Reminders” (http://kszgk.com/bielecki/?page_id=592). For new players they might be very useful and just reminder for more experienced players.

Please remember the ICCF motto ‘Amici sumus!’, meaning ‘We are friends!’. When all participants keep this in mind, we are sure you will enjoy your games. Good luck!

Amici sumus

Mariusz Wojnar, TO and TD MT-Bielecki TT

Marco Caressa, Zone 1 Europe Director, Backup TD MT-Bielecki TT


The 1st games of ICCF Diamond Jubilee Webserver World Cup 18 semi-finals completed!

Official start date of ICCF Diamond Jubilee Webserver World Cup 18 semi-final stage is 2013-08-30, but we have the first completed game which is the game Lins, Thomas – Ilyin, Pavel Egorovich in section 08 ended on 2013-08-18, 22:33 with draw.

It could happen, because sections were initiated on 2013-08-02.


Amici sumus

Mariusz Wojnar

Central Tournament Leader