Reakcje na wyświetlanie partii na żywo w Memoriale Witolda Bieleckiego

Po umożliwieniu oglądania partii na żywo w MT-Bielecki/Top otrzymałem ogromne wsparcie od entuzjastów szachowych, w tym Mistrzów Świata :)

Poniżej jedna z takich reakcji okraszona osobistą refleksją otrzymana od 20-tego Mistrza Świata (2004-2011), Pertti Lehikoinena z Finlandii.


Dear Mariusz,

I am glad of seeing all games live in the Witold Bielecki Memorial tournament. That is great!

In general I do believe in attracting public attention to correspondence chess and this is the best way in doing it. I have never understood a point of secret games. It is only a relic of postal era. I, if anyone, know this also in praxis, because I had 3 (“secret”) winning games left in the end of my World Champion Final. It was not funny to give out the results of my last 3 games within less than 3½ months, because it totally turned round the tournament table. In my opinion CC should be nearer OTB-chess than poker. In OTB-chess we can walk around in the tournament hall and look at other games.This is a way, it should be also in CC, at least in the top level tournaments.

I’ll follow with pleasure and great interest the games of Witold Bielecki Memorial. Thank you Mariusz for making it possible me!

Amici Sumus Pertti Lehikoinen [2012-10-18 23:43]


Wszystkie partie można oglądać na żywo na stronie “MT-Bielecki/Top – live transmission” (regularnie aktualizowanej).

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