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ICCF Diamond Jubilee Web Book



Dear Chessfriends,

ICCF published an ICCF Gold Book 10 years ago as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations.

The concept of an ICCF Diamond Book (in the form of a Web Book) being produced for its 60th anniversary was presented by ICCF Honorary President, Alan Borwell, during the ICCF Congresses in Leeds 2009 and Turkey in 2010 but with a pre-requisite being the availability of a new ICCF website with facilities to enable the development and hosting of such a Web Book.

There was further discusion on the concept during the ICCF Congress 2011 meeting in Finland and, although facilities are not yet available on the ICCF website „”, the delegate for the Polish Chess Federation, Mariusz Wojnar kindly offered to accept material for the Web Book in a development area on the Polish Correspondence Chess Commission website. Therefore, we can begin to assemble the Diamond Web Book and this will be done in a sequence of stages. Member Federations will soon be asked to provide updated information to supplement the articles which were in ICCF Gold (ie National Federation correspondence chess history, games, pictures, etc.) and other information regarding ICCF tournaments, titles, ratings, ICCF history and some special articles will be provided by various officials.

It is hoped to have the Web Book available early next year, with a link from „”, but eventually it will be transferred to a new ICCF website, where it should become a permanent and ongoing history.

Finally, the ICCF Congress 2011 in Finland accepted the offer of Mariusz Wojnar (POL) to be the Project Leader for the ICCF Diamond Jubilee Web Book, with Alan Borwell (SCO) providing support.