Finished ICCF event: 70th ICCF Jubilee Chess 960 World Elite

The 70th ICCF Jubilee Chess 960 World Elite has come to an end.

The section started 15.03.2021 and finished on 17.07.2022.

The tournament was held in a sporty atmosphere, though two players were withdrawn from the tournament shortly after the tournament started – Darko Babič (11.04.2021 – unaccepted withdrawal) and Adam Dźwikowski (14.06.2021- accepted withdrawal due to serious illness). Games were cancelled (players did not start the play).

You can see the completed cross table at:

The tournament table below shows the results with additional tie-breaking, so it is more precise.

The fight for the victory was very fierce (only 1 win, in total 2 wins in the event) and the tie-break was decisive for the places.

Winner is Evgeny Filin.


More details in the report.

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