ICCF Platinum Jubilee World Cup final – start expected on 15.11.2022, registration until 15.10.2022

The International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) is the worldwide organisation for correspondence chess. It was founded in 1951 as a new appearance of the ICCA (International Correspondence Chess Association), which was founded in 1945, as successor of the IFSB (Internationaler Fernschachbund), founded in 1928.

The Executive Board (EB) to celebrate ICCF Platinum anniversary, according to its tradition (from the 50th and 60th anniversary), conducts several activities (see more on the tournament page, including the announcement). One of them is the 70th ICCF Jubilee World Cup.

Preliminaries started on 15.02.2021 in 10 sections (610 players). At present (end of June 2022), about 99% of the games have been completed, with one section completing all the games. All unfinished games after the end date (15.08.2022) will be adjudicated.

Final participants

The first 10 players of each preliminary section will qualify for the Jubilee World Cup final (tie-break applies). After the final results are published, the qualifiers are to confirm their participation in the final to the tournament organizer.

Although the number of preliminary sections which each player could enter was limited to number of sections, no player will qualify for more than one place in the final. In case of double qualification, the best runner-up from all sections will be qualified instead.

All previous World Correspondence Chess Champions and the holders of ICCF GM title with at least 5 Grandmaster norms can enter (free of charge) directly to the final stage.

Special invitation is addressed to winners of the ICCF Golden Jubilee Final tournaments (“ICCF 50 Jubilee Email Final” and “ICCF 50 Jubilee Postal Final“) and the Diamond Jubilee World Cup 18 (webserver) and the Diamond Jubilee World Cup 19 (postal) in order to bridge 50th and 60th and 70th Anniversaries of the ICCF. These players can enter (free of charge) directly to the final stage.

The final will consist of approximately 100 players (each player will play 14 games). Paring will be made in according to the Silli system.

The event will be rated with title norms.

Start date

The final is expected to start on 15.11.2022; end date 15.01.2025.

Rate of play

In the final, the same as in the preliminaries, an incremental rate of play applies (30 days per game, plus 3 days every 1 move, reflection time duplication after 20 days; 45 days leave per year, no special leave). Linear conditionals can be entered. The public can see the games live after 10 games are finished in the event; live transmission delayed by 5 moves.

Additional tie-breaking procedure

If a tie persists after the standard tie-breaking procedures (Silli event: Buchholz cut 2, then Buchholz cut 1, then Buchholz, then Buchholz 2nd stage, and then number of wins), then the order is decided by the lower rating (fixed or unfixed) at the end of the tournament. If the tie still remains, the order is determined by the lower rating (fixed or unfixed) in previous ranting lists until broken. If players are still tied after all relevant tie-breaking procedures have been used, the players will be considered equal.


In the final cash prizes of 1 000 EUR, 600 EUR, 300 EUR and 100 EUR will be awarded to the top 4 players. Tie-breaks will not be applied in respect of these cash prizes and instead those players scoring equal points will equally share any prize money due.

Also, in the final occasional medals and certificates will be awarded to the top 3 players (tie-break applies).

Special qualification provisions

The following special qualification provisions can be achieved in the 70th ICCF Jubilee World Cup final (required result above 50%):

  • the winner (tie-break applies) will gain the SIM title;
  • the winner (tie-break applies) will qualify for a World Championship final;
  • players from places 2-3 (tie-break applies) will qualify for a World Championship Candidates (upon payment of the entry fee);
  • players from places 4-13 (tie-break applies) will qualify for a World Championship semi-final (upon payment of the entry fee).


shall be submitted before 15.10.2022 to the organizer through  the ICCF website.

Confirmed registrations can be found here.

Best regards, Amici Sumus –

Mariusz Wojnar, TO


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