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ICCF Platinum Jubilee – you can already follow the struggles of the world’s top chess players live

On 2021-06-08, the 10th game of the 70th ICCF Jubilee World Champions, Elite A&B (category 15) ended, in which the following players take part:

  • ICCF world champions
11th WCh GM Baumbach, Fritz GER 2410
16th WCh GM Hamarat, Tunc AUT 2501
triple WCh: 22nd, 27th, 29th GM Dronov, Aleksandr Surenovich RUS 2669
24th WCh GM Šemrl, Marjan; No 10 SLO 2617
25th WCh GM Finocchiaro, Fabio ITA 2565
30th WCh GM Kochemasov, Andrey RUS 2553
  • top of the ICCF rating list
No 1 GM Chytilek, Roman CZE 2685
No 2 GM Dronov, Aleksandr Surenovich RUS 2669
No 4 GM Kribben, Matthias GER 2644
No 5 GM Hoeven, David A. van der NED 2641
No 9 GM Nickel, Arno GER 2625
No 10 GM Šemrl, Marjan SLO 2617
No 11 GM Perevertkin, Vladimir Viktorovich RUS 2614
No 13 GM Židů, Jan CZE 2610
No 15 GM Borštnik, Aleš SLO 2609
No 18 GM Robson, Nigel ENG 2602
  • as well as one of the FIDE world’s top players and the world junior champion
FIDE OTB top player, 2008 WCh ju GM Duda, Jan-Krzysztof POL 2743

It is certainly an incredible treat for fans who can now follow the struggles of the best chess players live (the broadcast is transmitted with a delay of 5 moves). More information about the tournament and participants can be found on the tournament page.

Some of these games can be found in the „Live games” tab, the zone where you can enjoy watching the top 20 games!

Similarly, you can follow live the struggles of the players in the 70th ICCF Jubilee World Elite section C (13th category) tournament, in which the rest of the world’s top ICCF (2500+) participate.

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