70th ICCF Jubilee Chess 960 World Cup (server) final participants

After the final verification of the participants, 7 players will start in the final:

# Fed ID Tit Player
1 USA 515808 IM Muljadi, Paul
2 UKR 940981 IM Koshmak, Iurii
3 HUN 230665 IM Csiba, Tibor
4 SWE 451632 Lasaki, Hamed Imani
5 GER 86104 CCM Fuchs, Jörg
6 PHI 896100 CCM Sinsuat, Datuali
7 SWE 451400 CCE Block, Benjamin

The final (double round robin) will be launched soon with official start date on 15.08.2022; end date 15.01.2025.

Mariusz Wojnar, TO

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