Terminy związane z Nadzwyczajnym Kongresem ICCF 2022

Timelines to 2022 Extraordinary Congress (EC)

Tasks Deadline Description
Proposal Submission Window Opens March 12, 2022 Congress proposal submissions window (by ICCF Officials and Delegates) is open.
Proposal Submission Window Closes March 27, 2022 All proposals to be considered for the 2022 EC voting must be submitted to the General Secretary (via the online system) by either a National Delegate or ICCF Official.
Comment Window Opens March 28, 2022 Delegates and officials may comment on the approved proposals.
Voting Window Opens (30-days after the proposal submission windows close) April 27, 2022 Voting members may cast their votes.
Comment Window Closes May 1, 2022 The window for comments to proposals is closed.
Meeting of the 2022 EC begins (14:00 CET) May 2, 2022 The meeting of the 2022 EC via Zoom begins.
Voting Window Closes May 9, 2022 Voting will cease at 23:59 CET.
Voting report issued May 10, 2022 Summary report of voting outcomes reported.


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