World Cup 21 final announcement and qualifications

ICCF World Cup 21 final announcement

ICCF World Cup 21 final announcement (ICCF website)

There will be a 13-15 player final that will start 2019-06-30.

The final stage is opened to the winner of each semi-final section. In addition, the winners of the World Cup finals are eligible to participate in the World Cup Final 21 – unless they used their right to play at this stage in previous World Cup editions.

Entries must be submitted until 2019-05-30!

Qualified for the World Cup 21 final

P Q reason Tit Player Fed Elo
1 CT21/sf01 IM Praznik, Niko SLO 2451
2 CT21/sf02 IM Wharrier, Jo A. ENG 2424
3 CT21/sf03 IM Taras, Iulian ROU 2440
4 CT21/sf04 CCM Filin, Evgeny RUS 2410
5 CT21/sf05 IM Vetter, Gerhard GER 2293
6 CT21/sf06 IM Voveris, Gediminas LTU 2410
7 CT21/sf07 CCM Johansen, Anders Sten NOR 2338
8 CT21/sf08 SIM Krzyżanowski, Wojciech POL 2493
9 CT21/sf09 CCM Ivec, Ivan CRO 2368
10 CT21/sf10 CCM Kaan, J. E. F NED 2300
11 CT21/sf11 SIM Schäfer, Uwe GER 2473
Total 11 2400

Prioritized list of  World Cup winners

P Q reason Tit Player Fed Elo
1 CT15/final IM Šivic, Dr. Klemen SLO 2425
2 CT16/final SIM Nogga, Uwe GER 2462
3 CT17/final GM Gleichmann, Matthias GER 2541
4 DJ-CT19/final IM Herfurth, Thomas GER 2430

List of reserve (sharing 1st place)

Should there be any non starters or unexpected withdrawals, the final might be completed by players from a prioritized list of reserve (those sharing 1st place). Some of these players might be contacted (if applicable) by TO Mariusz Wojnar via e-mail who will be offered any vacancies which arise.

List of reserve will be employed until October 2019 (more or less).

Pos Section Tit Player Fed Elo sh pos % dSB
1 CT21/sf03 IM Dorić, Nenad CRO 2434 1 2 70,8% -0,25
2 CT21/sf10 CCM Achatz, Michael GER 2352 1 2 58,3% -0,75
3 CT21/sf05 SIM Morozov, Dmitry RUS 2481 1 2 54,2% 0,00
4 CT21/sf05 CCM Barkov, Kirill RUS 2421 1 2 54,2% 0,00
5 CT21/sf05 IM Hameister, Raik GER 2405 1 2 54,2% 0,00
6 CT21/sf10 IM Moiseev, Sergey RUS 2464 1 3 58,3% -0,25

Legend and priorities:

  1. sh=shared place – 1st or 2nd (lower number is better)
  2. pos=final position in section (lower number is better)
  3. %=percentage result (higher number is better)
  4. dSB=difference in SB between 2nd and 1st in cross table (higher number is better)
  5. Elo=rating (higher number is better)
  6. Tit=higher title decides (GM, SIM, IM, CCM, CCE)
  7. If necessary, the lots of draw will be used.


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