Kupony ICCF

ICCF czasami używa kuponów ICCF do wypłaty nagrody.

Niektóre szczegóły dotyczące ich wykorzystania można znaleźć na stronie ICCF Vouchers oraz zamieszczone poniżej.


ICCF Vouchers


The ICCF Voucher system was developed to allow a convenient approach to be able to reward players without having to incur significant financial costs, the need for a bank account or reliance on external organisation.

Vouchers, when awarded, can have either an expiry date or be have no time limits on their use (The latter being generally used).

An ICCF Voucher can be used on multiple occasions until its value is fully consumed. In addition multiple vouchers may be used for one entry

For example:

If player A is awarded a voucher for 20 Euros and enters an event with a fee of 15 Euro, then the voucher will have a residual value of 5 Euro.

If the same player has another voucher for 10 Euro and wishes to pay for another event at a cost of 15 Euro , then both vouchers may be used in payment.

NB: ICCF vouchers

  1. …can only be used by the named person and are not transferrable to others.
  2. …can only be issued to a maximum of 50 Euros (larger prizes would have multiple Vouchers issued)
  3. …can only be used at ICCF.com
  4. …cannot be exchanged for money.
  5. …can only be issued in the Euro currency

If you have any questions with regard to vouchers they should be directed to the ICCF Marketing Director. Any Tournament organiser wishing for Vouchers to be issued should request them from the ICCF Financial Director, copied to the Marketing Director.

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