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Dmitry Lybin giving speech about ICCF anthem


The anthem short info

The ICCF anthem was composed by GM Dmitry Lybin, professional musician and talented composer from Belarus.

Delegates heard a proposed ICCF Anthem for the first time at the ICCF Congress 2003 in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

It was approved by the ICCF Congress 2006 in Dresden, Germany and it should be played every year after the opening speech. The ICCF Statutes was updated accordingly.








The anthem story – an interview with composer

Mariusz Wojnar on 13.08.2011 21:09:

Dear Dmitry, I like your composition. I am wondering about history of it. How it was created? What was inspiration for you? Can you share your precious memories with broader audience?

Dmitry Lybin on 14.08.2011 17:37:

Dear Mariusz, Here is short story as I remember:

In 2002 I visited ICCF Congress in Seixal, Portugal and shared room in the hotel with Witold Bielecki. At the opening banquet we met Mr. Jarett represented FIDE at the Congress and he reported amongst other matters that FIDE antemn had been accepted recently. Witold asked about possibility to create antemn for ICCF, then the idea was acclaimed by ICCF President Alan Borwell. The task to compose it was not complicated so the draft was ready in few months and offered to ICCF President, then by him – to next ICCF Congress 2003 in Ostrava, Czech Republic and was approved in principle. More difficult task was to perform and record the composition as ICCF had not possibility to invite live orchestra. So it was done with spesial computer program an electronic sound instruments. Unfortunately I had not opportunity to visit ICCF Congresses 2004 in India and 2005 in Argentina (too far and expensive for me) so final version was introduced and oficcialy accepted only 3 years later in Dresden, Germany.