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Direct Entry Programme

 by Michael Millstone, 2006-03-01 14:43

1. Description of the ICCF Direct Entry Programme
2. DE Programme Description
3. Payment Options
4. Tournament Costs
5. Participating Member Federations

1.  ICCF Direct Entry (DE) Programme

1.1.  Objective of Direct Entry – The ICCF Direct Entry (DE) programme is designed to attract many more new players to ICCF tournaments, to provide Member Federations with an immediate financial benefit, to generate more interest from new players in Member Federations and their activities, and to facilitate payments through a variety of means.  It is not envisaged that Direct Entries will detract from National Federation memberships.  Existing players already derive benefits from their federations, by playing in national events, receiving magazines etc., and acquiring eligibility to participate in international team, nomination and many invitational tournaments organised and/or approved by ICCF, as well as being able to enter the full range of ICCF individual tournaments by paying significantly lower entry fees than direct entrants.


2.  DE Programme Description

2.1 Scope – available for players whose Member Federation has agreed to participate.  Also available for those players whose residence or citizenship do not correspond to an existing Member Federation.

2.2 Available Events – Open, Higher, and Master Class Promotion Tournaments; Thematic; World Cups and other Cup and Open events; Champion’s League (team); Money Prize Tournaments; World Correspondence Chess Championships, Preliminary, Semi-Final, and Candidates; and any other extraordinary events, as approved by the ICCF Executive Board.  Tournaments available for Direct Entry may be identified by the DE identifier in the first column of the webserver “New Events” site located at: http://www.iccf-webchess.com/EventsAnnouncements.aspx


3.  Payment Options

ICCF Direct Entry accepts payment through PayPal (http://www.paypal.com) transfer and all major credit cards (for those participating countries).  Entries processed through our webserver “New Events” site http://www.iccf-webchess.com/EventsAnnouncements.aspx will automatically launch the PayPal portal.  If you are unable to pay via the method above, please contact the Direct Entry office to explore other possible payment options.

4.  Tournament Costs and Credits

After completing the registration process, a cost per tournament rate sheet will be provided showing entry costs in multiple currencies.  National Federations participating in the ICCF Direct Entry programme will be credited 30% of the tournament cost.

5.  Participating Member Federations

Participation in the ICCF Direct Entry programme is optional for all Member Federations.  Those Federations wishing to participate will receive the following services as a minimum:

– Enrolling new players in ICCF.  Collecting personal data, issuing ICCF ID’s, webserver passwords and forwarding relevant information to the respective National Federations.

– Educating players on the pro’s and con’s of various chess transmission methods.

– Providing players their respective National Federation points-of-contact.

– Verifying player eligibility for entering particular tournaments by ensuring compliance with tournaments qualifications, restrictions, and suspensions.

– Processing player entries, coordinating with respective Tournament Organizers and communicating section progress to players.

– Function as a general help desk – either fielding or answering a multitude of player questions or seeking responsible officials to assist.

– Providing alternative payment methods for those players unable to use PayPal.

– Promoting and supporting membership in the players National Federation.  Providing players information and encouragement to join and support their National Federations.


Michael Millstone

ICCF Direct Entry Administrator


National Federation Participation

by Michael Millstone, 2006-03-01 14:45

# Federation DE Participation Notification by: Date
1 Algeria Yes
2 Argentina Yes
3 Australia Yes Tim Runting 2006-01-19
4 Austria Yes
5 Belarus Yes
6 Belgium Yes Paul Clement 2010-12-12
7 Brazil No Dorgival Guedes 2006-03-01
8 Bulgaria Yes
9 Burkina Faso Yes
10 Canada Yes
11 Chile Yes
12 Columbia Yes
13 Croatia Yes Zvonko Krečak 2010-12-06
14 Cuba Yes Pablo Salcedo Mederos
15 Czech Republic Yes
16 Denmark Yes
17 Ecuador Yes
18 England Yes Alan Rawlings 2005-01-20
19 Estonia Yes
20 Finland Yes Ragnar Wikman 2006-01-26
21 France Yes
22 Germany No Fritz Baumbach 2006-04-03
23 Ghana Yes
24 Greece Yes
25 Guatemala Yes
26 Hong Kong Yes
27 Hungary Yes Ivan Bottlik 2006-02-27
28 Iceland No Jón A. Pálsson 2006-02-26
29 India Yes
30 Indonesia Yes
31 Ireland Yes Timothy Harding 2006-01-21
32 Israel Yes Yoav Dothan 2006-01-25
33 Italy Yes Gianni Mastrojeni 2010-12-03
34 Ivory Coast Yes
35 Japan No
36 Kazakhstan Yes
37 Kenya Yes
38 Latvia Yes Artis Gaujens 2006-01-25
39 Lithuania Yes Virginijus Grabliauskas 2008-11-13
40 Luxemburg Yes
41 Malta Yes
42 Mexico Yes
43 Netherlands Yes Nol van ‘t Riet 2006-01-24
44 New Zealand Yes
45 Nicaragua Yes
46 Norway Yes Roald Berthelsen 2006-01-25
47 Panama Yes
48 Peru Yes
49 Poland Yes Mariusz Wojnar 2011-01-01
50 Portugal Yes
51 Qatar Yes
52 Romania Yes Marius Ceteras 2005-01-24
53 Russia Yes
54 Scotland Yes George Pyrich 2006-01-22
55 Singapore Yes
56 Slovakia Yes Milan Manduch 2009-01-02
57 Slovenia Yes
58 South   Africa Yes Dinand Knol 2006-02-10
59 Spain Yes Carlos Flores 2006-02-01
60 Sweden No Per Söderberg 2006-01-24
61 Switzerland Yes Ulrich Baumgartner 2010-11-10
62 Togo Yes
63 Tunisia Yes
64 Turkey Yes
65 Turkmenistan Yes
66 Ukraine Yes
67 Uruguay Yes
68 USA Yes Ruth Ann Fay 2006-09-01
69 Venezuela Yes

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