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Name of Federation: Federación Ecuatoriana de Ajedrez por Internet

Year of Foundation: 1990

ICCF Delegate and E-Mail Contact: Pavao Bjazevic (multitaskcontractor@gmail.com)

Website: www.privatechesslessons.blogspot.com

Article provided by: Pavao Bjazevic


Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, but also one of the most wonderful places in the world. Here you can find the Andes mountains, the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, the jungle of the Amazonas and the Galapagos Islands. You can travel from one zone to the other in one hour. We have all the types of weather. Our main city, Quito, was the Capital of the Inca´s Empire, for that reason we have a lot of history.

In Ecuador chess is very popular, Ecuador Chess Federation (Fed. Ecuatoriana de Ajedrez) exists since 1939. However, the authorities do not pay big attention to correspondence chess. We hope to change that some day.

Ecuador has 45 active players at the end of December 2011. One of them Pavao Bjazevic gained ICCF IM title in 2009. He is the strongest Ecuadorian player and represents his country as ICCF delegate.

Ecuador participates in Panamerican Team Championships and Champions League.

Chess blog about free chess tools to improve our chess knowledge is guided by Pavao Bjazevic. The English version is www.freechessschool.blogspot.com. The Spanish Website www.gratisajedrez.com will be deleted, because the new website has a new Translator of Google that can translate to a lot of languages.

Mr. Fabricio Jijon, the President of the National CC Federation of Ecuador




Clara and Pavao Bjazevic