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Header presents collection of flowers, fruits and trees pictured on 29.04.2012 during my visit in the Botanical Garden in Powsin Warsaw (Poland). Mariusz Wojnar

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A web book of this size and scope, even if you have basic information from previous paper edition, can hardly ever be the work of one man. Luckily, many people contributed to it.

This section is always destined for trouble, because one simple omission can haunt the writer or editor for long time. Therefore, with prior pleadings for forgiveness to everyone who might accidentally be left out or ignored, I would like to thank the following for their collaboration in making this web book possible:

– All ICCF Delegates and everyone who submitted an article or game for the web book. A special word of gratitude to Neil Limbert (ENG), who provided the updated article for the English Federation very early – this article was used as a model for most of the remaining articles in that section.

– Nol van ‘t Riet (NED) for excellent articles on “Rating System” (updated by Gerhard Binder and me) and “ICCF and the future”, which after 10 years are still amazing.

– Eric Ruch (FRA), ICCF President, for “Presidents welcome” and articles on the history of correspondence chess for the period of 2002-2011 (in preparation) and on interesting prognosis “ICCF and the future of correspondence chess beyond 2025”.

– Dmitry Lybin (BLR), composer, for telling me story about the ICCF anthem.

– Wiesław Sawicki (POL) for formatting most of the crosstables, and finding time in his busy schedule to provide many helpful suggestions in HTML – language for displaying web pages.

A very special “thank-you” to my predecessor in work for ICCF Jubilee Pedro Federico Hegoburu (ARG) for producing Gold Book, which was the basis for my project.

Finally, all my gratitude to ICCF Honorary President Alan Borwell (SCO). For his contribution to both Diamond Web Book and especially Gold Book, where he together with his wife Moira did the most work. For his trust in me, and because without his commitment and help, this web book would have never seen the light of day.


Mariusz Wojnar
Project Leader
Warsaw, September 2012