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Here (at separate pages for countries and zones: zone 1, zone 2, zone 3, zone 4) you can find updated information provided by Member Federations (MF) to supplement the articles which were in ICCF Gold (ie National Federation correspondence chess history, games, pictures, etc.). Until update followed articles from Gold Book were placed for few MF. An updated article for England was used as a template for MF article.

Below you will find different informations from the member nations in ICCF, like names and adresses on the Official ICCF Contacts, Email-contacts and other contacts. If any National website is available, you will find the proper link. Country list updated after ICCF Congress 2011.

ZD1: Marco Caressa (ITA) ZD2: Carlos Cranbourne (ARG) ZD3: Jason Bokar (USA) ZD4: Dinand Knol (RSA)
Europe (36) Latin America (8) North America/ Pacific (6) Africa/Asia (3)
1 Austria (AUT) Argentina (ARG) Australia (AUS) Algeria (ALG)
2 Belarus (BLR) Brazil (BRA) Canada (CAN) India (IND)
3 Belgium (BEL) Chile (CHI) Hong Kong (HKG) South Africa (RSA)
4 Bulgaria (BUL) Cuba (CUB) Japan (JPN)
5 Croatia (CRO) Ecuador (ECU) New Zealand (NZL) Cape Verde (CPV) *
6 Czech Republic (CZE) Guatemala (GUA) USA (USA)
7 Denmark (DEN) Nicaragua (NCA)
8 England (ENG) Peru (PER)
9 Estonia (EST)
10 Finland (FIN)
11 France (FRA)
12 Germany (GER)
13 Greece (GRE)
14 Hungary (HUN)
15 Iceland (ISL)
16 Ireland (IRL)
17 Israel (ISR)
18 Italy (ITA)
19 Latvia (LAT)
20 Lithuania (LTU)
21 Luxembourg (LUX)
22 Malta (MLT)
23 Netherlands (NED)
24 Norway (NOR)
25 Poland (POL)
26 Portugal (POR)
27 Romania (ROU)
28 Russia (RUS)
29 Scotland (SCO)
30 Slovakia (SVK)
31 Slovenia (SLO)
32 Spain (ESP)
33 Sweden (SWE)
34 Switzerland (SUI)
35 Turkey (TUR)
36 Ukraine (UKR)
Previous member countries, currently either “suspended” and/or “inactive”:
1 Andorra (AND) Bolivia (BOL) Indonesia (INA) Iran (IRI)
2 Monaco (MNC) Colombia (COL) Mexico (MEX) Burkina Faso (BUR)
3 Wales (WLS) Costa Rica (CRC) Ghana (GHA)
4 Dominican Republic (DOM) Ivory Coast (CIV)
5 El Salvador (ESA) Kenya (KEN)
6 Honduras (HON) Malawi (MAW)
7 Paraguay (PAR) Mauritius (MRI)
8 Puerto Rico (PUR) Pakistan (PAK)
9 Venezuela (VEN) Qatar (QAT)
10 Senegal (SEN)
11 Togo (TOG)
12 Tunisia (TUN)
13 Turkmenistan (TKM)
14 Zimbabwe (ZIM)

* Affiliated member

NOTE1: The designation of each country/member federation (MF) in ICCF is in accordance with the 3-letter code system used by FIDE. Except of few cases, FIDE codes are in common with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Several of the IOC codes are different from the standard ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes.

NOTE2: Several historical NOCs (National Olympic Committees) or teams have codes that are still used in the IOC results database to refer to past medal winners from these teams. For example:

Code Country Last year of use
FRG West Germany 1988
GDR East Germany 1988
SCG Serbia and Montenegro 2006
TCH Czechoslovakia 1992
URS Soviet Union 1988
YUG Yugoslavia 2002