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by Mariusz Wojnar (POL)


Below there is a portion of exciting statistics related to the top ICCF tournaments.

Producing Top ICCF Tournaments list I assumed that tournaments should have at least category 15 (Rav≥2601). From historical point of view it is interesting to know that NPSF-50 (Norwegian Postal Chess Federation 50th Jubilee) was the first tournament in history to reach category 15 strength!

Two events, organized in the frame of ICCF 50 Jubilee  (the first one for world champions and the second one for elite) are much more “weaker” than organized by Dutch Federation The Milennium Email Chess Tournament. That last exceptionally strong tournament at category 19 is almost impossible to beat.

Top ICCF tournaments list (updated 2015-04-09):

N Cat R average Period Event TO TD Winner
1 19 2707,50 1999-2002 The Milennium Email Chess Tournament (NED) NED Riet, A.A. (Nol) van ‘t Elwert, Hans-Marcus (GER)
2 17 2674,75 2002-2004 ICCF 50-y Jubilee Elite Grandmasters Tournament – 50JEGMT ICCF Riet, A.A. (Nol) van ‘t Elwert, Hans-Marcus (GER) and Oosterom, Joop J. van (NED)
3 16 2638,46 2012-2015 Witold Bielecki Memorial/ Top players (POL) POL Flores Gutiérrez, Carlos/Wojnar, Mariusz Busemann, Dr. Stephan (GER) & Hoeven, David A. van der (NED)
4 16 2632,82 2008-2010 Hermann Heemsoth Memorial (GER) GER Flores Gutiérrez, Carlos Chytilek, Roman (CZE)
5 16 2626,50 1999-2002 CAPA 10 Years Jubilee (ARG) ARG Esses, Marcelo Jorge Rause, Mrs. Olita (LAT)
6 15 2619,56 2001-2004 ICCF 50-y World Champions Jubilee Tournament – 50WCJT ICCF Riet, A.A. (Nol) van ‘t Umansky, Mikhail (RUS)
7 15 2616,53 1996-2002 Hans-Werner Von Massow Memorial GER Berthelsen, Roald Anton, Volker-Michael (GER)
8 15 2615,31 2009-2012 ICCF Olympiad 17 Final board 1 ICCF Flores Gutiérrez, Carlos Lafarga Santorromán, David (ESP)
9 15 2614,13 2003-2005 World Championship 18 Final ICCF Bielecki, Witold Oosterom, Joop J. van (NED)
10 15 2611,46 2007-2009 Simon Webb Memorial (ENG) ENG Söderberg, Per Nickel, Arno (GER)
11 15 2607,20 2010-2013 José Antonio Barrios Memorial – A (ESP) ESP Hernáez Fernández, Cecilio Hoeven, David A. van der (NED)
12 15 2606,69 2004-2007 World Championship 19 Final ICCF Brooks, Dr. Ian S. Léotard, Christophe (FRA)
13 15 2606,23 2007-2011 Alfonsino Lannaioli Memorial (ITA) ITA Ruch, Eric Tocháček, Michal (CZE)
14 15 2606,00 2011-2014 10 Jahre Schachschule Pirs in Deutschland Gruppe A (GER) GER Korže, Dr. Danilo Fleetwood, Daniel M. (USA)
15 15 2604,07 1995-1998 NPSF-50 (Norwegian Postal Chess Federation 50th Jubilee)the first tournament in history to reach Category 15 strength! NOR Berthelsen, Roald Andersson, Ulf (SWE)
16 15 2602,80 2002-2004 Interzonal Team Tournament 2002 board 1 ICCF Flores Gutiérrez, Carlos Balabaev, Farid (KAZ)
17 15 2601,14 2006-2009 ICCF Olympiad 15 Final board 1 ICCF Hegoburu, Pedro Federico Bern, Ivar (NOR)

It is not ruled out, that somebody can find an event at category 15 or higher.