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World Cup 18 semi-final round ends on 2015-04-01 – call for adjudication

Dear Chessfriends,

The semi-finals of this World Cup started on 2013-08-30 with 156 players in 12 server sections and now it is coming to the end on 2015-04-01. We have 93% completed games (range from 74% to 100%) – 2 sections out of 12 finished play. See below more statistics.

We know 2 qualified players for the World Cup 18 semi-finals until now. Both of them confirmed their participation already. Information about all qualified players for the final is posted regularly at the tournament website.

Start of the World Cup 18 final is scheduled for 2015-08-30 at the latest.

Should there be any non starters or unexpected withdrawals, the final might be completed by players from a prioritized list of reserve (those sharing 1st place). Some of these players might be contacted (if applicable) by TO Mariusz Wojnar via e-mail who will be offered any vacancies which arise.

List of reserve will be employed until October/November 2015 (more or less).

Adjudication Guidelines

After the end date of the semi-finals (2015-04-01) all unfinished games are called for adjudication.
Games will be stopped by me manually on 2015-04-02. Some od these games might be restarted later, especially if they have no influence on promotions.

Both players involved shall submit to TD (Mariusz Wojnar) no later than 2015-04-15 statement claiming either a win or a draw. Failure to submit a claim may result in a loss.

Players should submit analysis to support their claim. Claims of a win will not be accepted for consideration without supporting analysis. Analysis does not necessarily mean possible variations; it also includes general plans where appropriate. Players involved will be promptly notified of the adjudicator’s decision. The adjudicator’s decision is final, without appeal.


Amici sumus

Mariusz Wojnar

Central Tournament Leader


Below some statistics and qualifications by sections can be found as of 2015-03-07.

Section Games FG# % End date Qualified for the World Cup 18 final
DJ-CT18 936 866 93% 2 players
DJ-CT18/sf01 78 72 92%
DJ-CT18/sf02 78 58 74%
DJ-CT18/sf03 78 78 100% 2015-02-24 Dolya, Anatoly Leonidovich
DJ-CT18/sf04 78 74 95%
DJ-CT18/sf05 78 71 91%
DJ-CT18/sf06 78 73 94%
DJ-CT18/sf07 78 67 86%
DJ-CT18/sf08 78 76 97%
DJ-CT18/sf09 78 72 92%
DJ-CT18/sf10 78 78 100% 2015-02-03 Podvoysky, Evgeny Borisovich
DJ-CT18/sf11 78 74 95%
DJ-CT18/sf12 78 73 94%


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