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MT-Bielecki Top Players

World Cup 18 semi-finals – Status of the entries

updated (zaktualizowano) 2013-08-02


Entries have to be submitted until 2013-06-20!

Q reason Qualified for the semi-final stage Participation confirmed
DJ-CT18/pr01 Bonfissuto, Giulio (ITA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr01 Ros Padilla, Javier (ESP) yes
DJ-CT18/pr02 Voiculescu, Costel (ROU) yes
DJ-CT18/pr02 Tseng, Wilbur (USA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr03 Tseng, Wilbur (USA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr03 Mercader Martínez, Juan Gustavo (MEX) yes
DJ-CT18/pr04 Lakudas, Andrey (UKR) yes
DJ-CT18/pr04 Chamaev, Aleksandr Viktorovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr05 Romm, Mikhail Yakovlevich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr05 Chamaev, Aleksandr Viktorovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr06 Silin, Viktor Aleksandrovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr06 Schyndel, Andreas van (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr07 Verhoef, Helge (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr07 Rogos st., Ján (SVK) yes
DJ-CT18/pr08 Rost, Detlef (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr09 Vassiliev, Iouri (UKR) yes
DJ-CT18/pr09 Schüppel, Ralf (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr10 Delizia, Costantino (ITA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr10 Matei, Cornel (ROU) yes
DJ-CT18/pr11 Sanz Algarrada, José (ESP) yes
DJ-CT18/pr11 Staniszewski, Jerzy (POL) yes
DJ-CT18/pr12 Dunlop, Gordon (AUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr12 Glukhov, Aleksandr Valerievich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr13 Ohtake, Sakae (JPN) yes
DJ-CT18/pr13 Kappes, Dieter (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr14 Sawicki, Wiesław (POL) yes
DJ-CT18/pr14 Ilken, Zafer (TUR) yes
DJ-CT18/pr15 Woodard, Daniel S. (USA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr15 Ylönen, Olli (FIN) yes
DJ-CT18/pr16 Peschke, Uwe (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr16 Crabb, Neil D. (ENG) yes
DJ-CT18/pr17 Visloguzov, Vadim Anatolievich (BLR) yes
DJ-CT18/pr17 Uusitalo, Jarmo (FIN) yes
DJ-CT18/pr18 Ulbig, Stefan (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr18 Seelig, Jürgen (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr19 Lednev, Valery Alekseevich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr19 Carvaga, Roman (SVK) yes
DJ-CT18/pr20 Johansson, Mats (SWE) yes
DJ-CT18/pr20 Stanach, Fabian (POL) yes
DJ-CT18/pr21 Troger, Mag. Dominik (AUT) yes
DJ-CT18/pr22 Cutillas Ripoll, Pascual (ESP) yes
DJ-CT18/pr22 Sychov, Aleksandr Vitalievich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr23 Ilyasov, Anatoly Fedorovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr23 Kilichenko, Aleksandr Vladimirovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr24 Krüger, Hilmar (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr24 Nowakowski, Mirosław (POL) yes
DJ-CT18/pr25 Karakaş, Serdar (TUR) yes
DJ-CT18/pr25 Vegjeleki, Adolf (AUT) yes
DJ-CT18/pr26 Dolya, Anatoly Leonidovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr26 Shcherbatyuk, Sergey Nikolaevich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr27 Krupnov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr27 Zięba, Zdzisław (POL) yes
DJ-CT18/pr28 Lins, Thomas (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr28 Tsygankov, Evgeny Georgievich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr28 Nordal, Sven (NOR) yes
DJ-CT18/pr29 Eschert, Uwe (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr29 Sanz Algarrada, José (ESP) yes
DJ-CT18/pr30 Mourato, Mário (POR) yes
DJ-CT18/pr30 Varlamov, Fedor Sergeevich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr31 Szymański, Robert (POL) yes
DJ-CT18/pr31 Holec, Michael (AUT) yes
DJ-CT18/pr32 Szymański, Robert (POL) yes
DJ-CT18/pr32 Nørrelykke, Svend G. J. (DEN) yes
DJ-CT18/pr33 Borroni, Enrico (ITA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr33 Gunkel, Wolfgang (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr34 Jacobs, Rudolf (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr34 Rihtarič, Dr. Ivan (SLO) yes
DJ-CT18/pr35 Petersons, Indulis (LAT) yes
DJ-CT18/pr35 Klochán, Peter (SVK) yes
DJ-CT18/pr36 Kurgansky, Vitaly Ivanovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr36 Bagaoutdinov, Arthur (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr37 Moskvichev, Valery Ivanovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr37 Nizky, Roman Yakovlevich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr38 Smythe, Antonio (CAN) yes
DJ-CT18/pr38 Steinkellner, Peter (AUT) yes
DJ-CT18/pr39 Dorer, Manfred (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr39 Pina Fernández, José Antonio (ESP) yes
DJ-CT18/pr40 Böken, Michael (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr40 Morley, Paul (CAN) yes
DJ-CT18/pr41 Ilyin, Pavel Egorovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr41 Aykent, Serdar (USA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr41 Würschner, Miroslav (SVK) yes
DJ-CT18/pr42 Rekhtman, Pavlo (UKR) yes
DJ-CT18/pr42 Pheby, Ian M. (ENG) yes
DJ-CT18/pr43 Limanskis, Nikolajs (LAT) yes
DJ-CT18/pr43 Czekała, Franciszek (POL) yes
DJ-CT18/pr44 Steinkellner, Peter (AUT) yes
DJ-CT18/pr45 Kažoks, Aivars (LAT) yes
DJ-CT18/pr45 Thompson, Brian (ENG) yes
DJ-CT18/pr46 Terreaux, Gilles (SUI) yes
DJ-CT18/pr46 Salvatore, Carmine (ITA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr47 Horvat, Milan (SLO) yes
DJ-CT18/pr47 Schmidt, Loren R. (JPN) yes
DJ-CT18/pr48 Junge, Wolfgang (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr48 Secchi, Dino (ITA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr49 Laghetti, Gaetano (ITA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr49 Rawlings, Alan J. C. (ENG) yes
DJ-CT18/pr50 Dessaules, Peter (USA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr50 Budkin, Gennady Aleksandrovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr51 Bleker, Frits (GRE) yes
DJ-CT18/pr51 Puzone, Mario (ITA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr52 Amico, Rosario (ITA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr52 Podvoysky, Evgeny Borisovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr53 Girard, Eric (FRA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr53 Hering, Hartmut (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr54 Glørstad, Trond (NOR) yes
DJ-CT18/pr54 Pinho, Joaquim Brandão de (POR) yes
DJ-CT18/pr55 Fedorov, Sergey Yurievich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr55 Isigkeit, Hans-Jürgen (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr56 Kozlov, Vadim Yakovlevich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr56 Philippeit, Boris (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr57 Mamrukov, Dmitri (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr57 Jensen, Claus (DEN) yes
DJ-CT18/pr58 Even, Dr. Roland (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr58 Tyulenko, Yuri Viktorovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr59 Kopelevich, Aleksandr Solomonovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr59 Rivas Maceda, Juan (PER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr60 Tienhoven, Richard M. van (NED) yes
DJ-CT18/pr60 Wukits, René (AUT) yes
DJ-CT18/pr61 Zylla, Johannes (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr61 Aksenov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr62 Rudenko, Aleksandr Vladimirovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr63 Kilichenko, Aleksandr Vladimirovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr63 Manaenkov, Vladimir Nikolaevich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr64 Voveris, Gediminas (LTU) yes
DJ-CT18/pr64 Shishkov, Pavel Aleksandrovich (RUS) yes
DJ-CT18/pr65 Schmidt, Theo (GER) yes
DJ-CT18/pr65 Davidov, Alexandar (BUL) yes
CT11/final Hofstetter, Dr. Hans-Joachim (GER) yes
CT12/P/final Zajontz, Rainer (GER) yes
CT13/final Anhalt, Dr. Horst-Peter (GER) yes
CT14/final Hagström, Allan (SWE) yes
CT15/final Manzo, Andrea (ITA) yes
CT15/final Fritsche, Frank (GER) yes
CT15/final Noble, Mark F. (NZL) yes
CT16/final Canibal, Jaromír (CZE) yes
CT16/final Uecker, Dieter (GER) yes
CT16/final Leupold, Volker (GER) yes
CT16/final Herfurth, Thomas (GER) yes
CT16/final Birkholz, Dr. Axel (GER) yes
CT17/final Pierzak, Rafael (POL) yes
CT17/final Thompson, Brian (ENG) yes
ICCF 50th Jubilee Final (Email) Serradimigni, Robert (FRA) yes
ICCF 50th Jubilee Final (Email) Lins, Thomas (GER) yes
ICCF 50th Jubilee Final (Email) Lounek, Jan (CZE) yes
ICCF 50th Jubilee Final (Postal) Campant, Bernard (FRA) yes
ICCF 50th Jubilee Final (Postal) Teichmann, Čeněk (CZE) yes
ICCF 50th Jubilee Final (Postal) Krüger, Hilmar (GER) yes
ICCF 50th Jubilee Final (Postal) Pheby, Ian M. (ENG) yes
ICCF 50th Jubilee Final (Postal) Auzinš, Maris (LAT) yes
ICCF 50th Jubilee Final (Postal) Baldomero García, Julio (ESP) yes
ICCF 50th Jubilee Final (Postal) Serner, Dr. Arpad (GER) yes
Total 152 152


List of reserve (sharing 1st or 2nd place)

Should there be any non starters or unexpected withdrawals, the semi-final groups might be completed by players from a prioritized list of reserve (those sharing 1st or 2nd place). Some of these players might be contacted (if applicable) by TO Mariusz Wojnar via e-mail who will be offered any vacancies which arise.

List of reserve will be employed until October/November 2013 (more or less).

Entries from list of reserve (4 vacancies) 2013-07-31:

Q reason Qualified for the semi-final stage Participation confirmed
DJ-CT18/pr03 Jensen, Ejvind (DEN) yes
DJ-CT18/pr43 Oger, Claude (FRA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr44 Williams, Thomas (USA) yes
DJ-CT18/pr65 Sgherri, Marco (ITA) yes