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Header presents collection of trees in blossom pictured on 29.04.2012 during my visit in the Botanical Garden in Powsin Warsaw (Poland).


MT-Bielecki Top Players

Match Witold’s Friends – Rest of the World – finished with result 256½:263½!

The biggest match in the world Match Witold’s Friends – Rest of the World on 261 boards (server part at 252 boards and postal part at 9 boards) started on 2012-03-01 finished on 2014-12-28 with result 256½:263½ (245½:258½, 11:5).

But more important than final result was friendly meeting to honour our friend Witold Bielecki 🙂

Let me thank to all of you for your participantion in this match!

There were 522 qualified entries from 511 players from 54 countries, including 93 entries from titled players (15xGM, 43xSIM, 33xIM, 1xLGM, 1xILM), with the highest rating 2579.

World Champion Dr. Fritz Baumbach has favoured us as well, in addition twice: by server and by post! Also ICCF President, Eric Ruch, participated in this event.

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