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MT-Bielecki Top Players

Report on World Cup 18 – as of 18.01.2012


Two months and a half after official start of the World Cup 18 we have 21% completed games. See below more statistics.


Total number of games: 5058
Completed games: 1060
Completed games percentage: 21%
Completed games with a draw: 446
Draw percentage: 42%



Except of few cases games run smoothly.

For several players time management is very strange part of a chess game and they are experiencing time-troubles, forfeited games on time have happened.

Silent withdrawal:

  • Delgado, Emilio Salvador (USA) from section 62
  • Oliva Manso, José María (ESP) from section 18
  • Orgen, Beycan (TUR) from section 41

Non-accepted withdrawal:

  • Mantu, Eugen (GER) from five sections (3, 9, 24, 43, 59).

Ingo Lindam (GER) from sections 38 and 63 forfeited on time few games and doesn’t answer emails since few weeks. This is potential silent withdrawal. He will be probably defaulted soon.

Nicholas Wolff (USA) from section 35 forfeited on time few games, because of personal problems. He is very sorry for so late notification.  He will be probably defaulted soon.




Sometimes is good to read “Online help” or “Tutorial“, accessible in the main window of ICCF webserwer after clicking “Online help” (ICCF Webchess Help). Tutorial with a number of screen shots illustrates how to use the server. There are additional tutorials in other languages (Dutch, Czech, Spanish, German, French). They are out of date a bit, but still you can find useful reference there.

Games to be completed

The system allows many different ways for games to be completed. Players are encouraged to be familiar with these methods, as it may be their responsibility to take action. If in doubt, please communicate with the TD, or TC for team events, in good time.

The system can automatically detect certain conditions, including checkmate and stalemate. However, some situations require from a player to claim a result via the TD, for example:

  • win (if, say, the opponent has exceeded the time limit or taken more than 40 days for his last move)
  • draw (if, say, a threefold repetition or the 50-move rule has occurred)

The system automatically stops a game if a player exceeds the reflection time, but will not enter a result. The game needs to be claimed by the opponent, before the TD can manually enter the result. The system will not automatically stop a game if a player takes more than 40 days to respond, players need to be alert of this infraction and claim the game to the TD.


Each player has 30 day leave per calendar year.





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