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Header presents collection of trees in blossom pictured on 29.04.2012 during my visit in the Botanical Garden in Powsin Warsaw (Poland).


MT-Bielecki Top Players

World Cup 18 announcement


ICCF Diamond Jubilee World Cup 18
in memory of Witold Bielecki

(preliminary stage)


Poland was involved as a tournament organizer in previous three World Cups (3rd, 6th and 7th) which covered 6.222 (sic!) entries. The main effort (as TO and TD) was laid down by our friend Witold Bielecki (1947-2008), who died unexpectedly in 2008. He was chairman of the Polish CC Federation and Polish delegate to ICCF, also cc player and ICCF official, IM since 1996 and IA since 1978, member and chairman of several ICCF working groups and committees/ commissions.

Announcement on the event:



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