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MT-Bielecki Top Players

MT-Bielecki/Top results report – Stephan Busemann has achieved a norm for ICCF-GM!


MT-Bielecki/Top results report as of 2013-06-30:

No White Black Result Result date
62 80888 Busemann, Dr. Stephan 85201 Starke, Dr. René-Reiner WhiteWins 2013-06-30

With this result Stephan Busemann has achieved a norm for ICCF-GM! This is his 8th GM norm!



Full report of all results can be found at page “MT-Bielecki/Top games“.

After 62 games out of 78 (79%) leaders are (remaining games in brackets):

  1. Busemann-6,0 (+2)
  2. Nickel-6,0 (+1)
  3. Voss-6,0 (+0)


Current GM norm statistics for Witold Bielecki Memorial participants are following:

#GM Norms Title Name, First Name Nat GM-since
11 GM Wunderlich, Dr. Hans-Dieter GER 2006
11 GM Nickel, Arno GER 2001
10 GM Voss, Maximilian GER 2003
9 GM Papenin, Nikolai UKR 2011
8 GM Busemann, Dr. Stephan GER 1996
7 GM Hall, Richard V. M. ENG 2002
7 GM Lafarga Santorromán, David ESP 2008
6 GM Hoeven, David A. van der NED 2004
6 GM Langeveld, Ron A. H. NED 2006
5 GM Ljubičić, Ing. Leonardo CRO 2011
3 GM Szczepański, Zbigniew POL 2011
2 GM Starke, Dr. René-Reiner GER 2012
1 SIM Wilczek, Tadeusz POL


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