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Header presents collection of trees in blossom pictured on 29.04.2012 during my visit in the Botanical Garden in Powsin Warsaw (Poland).


MT-Bielecki Top Players

MT-Bielecki/B – results report

In the event MT-Bielecki/B recently SIM Rafael Pierzak (POL) won against SIM Marek Sądowski.

With this result he is closer and closer to the 2nd norm for ICCF-GM and at the same time GM title!


After 67 games out of 78 (86%) leaders are (remaining games in brackets):

  1. Pierzak-7,0 (+1)
  2. Straka-7,0 (+0)
  3. Bescós Anzano-6,0 (+2)
  4. Galanov-6,0 (+0)


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