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World Cup 18 semi-finals – announcement & status of the entries

Preliminaries of this World Cup started on 2011-10-30 with 844 players in 65 server sections and now it is coming to the end on 2013-06-01. We have 99% (!!!) completed games (range from 91% to 100%) – 33 sections out of 65 finished play. The first, second and third placed players from a preliminary section receive a certificate  signed by Eric Ruch – ICCF President and Michael Millstone – General Secretary (in a form of pdf file). The winners will receive book prize in due time.

There is still 72 open games. This is reminder that after the end date of preliminaries (2013-06-01) all unfinished games are called for adjudication.

Both players involved shall submit to TD (Mariusz Wojnar) no later than 2013-06-15 statement claiming either a win or a draw (using ICCF webserver facility – “Claim win” or “Claim draw” under “Game” pull down menu from game window). Players should submit analysis to support their claim. Analysis does not necessarily mean possible variations; it also includes general plans where appropriate. Players involved will be promptly notified of the adjudicator’s decision. The adjudicator’s decision is final, without appeal.

We know 110 qualified players (85%) for the World Cup 18 semi-finals until now! Most of them confirmed their participation already. See page “World Cup 18 semi-finals – Status of the entries

Start of the World Cup 18 semi-finals is scheduled for 2013-08-30. See announcement here.

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