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MT-Bielecki Top Players

GM Richard Hall became Vice-Champion of the World!

On 18.04.2013 the last game of the 25th World Championship final has been finished with a draw, after 3 years and 4 months of hard fight (131 moves!) between GM Richard Hall (ENG) and GM Frank Schröder (GER). It means that silver medal and  title Vice-Champion of the World goes to GM Richard Hall (ENG), our  colleague from Witold Bielecki Memorial/ Top players. Bronze medal goes to GM Elio Vassia (ITA)! Title of the 25th World Champion was gained by GM Fabio Finocchiaro (ITA) last year (on 2012-12-12).

Congratulations to Richard on this precious achievement!


GM Arno Nickel (GER), after 2 years and one month, became winner of Paul Keres – 95 Memorial (cat.13). He’s a winner another event, candidate tournament of World Championship 30 section3 (cat.11), and gained promotion for the final!

GM Nikolai Papenin (UKR) finished candidate tournament of World Championship 30 section5 (cat.11) at the first position and gained promotion for the final!



On 10.06.2013 starts the 18th World Championship Final with participation of our 4 colleagues:

  • Ljubičić, Ing. Leonardo (CRO)
  • Nickel, Arno (GER)
  • Papenin, Nikolai (UKR)
  • Wunderlich, Dr. Hans-Dieter (GER)


Lately GM norms achieved:

  • Nickel, Arno (GER) on 26.01.2013 in WC30/ct03 and on 11.02.2013 in Paul Keres – 95 Memorial. He has currently 10x GM norms!
  • Papenin, Nikolai (UKR) on 21.01.2013 in WC30/ct05 and on 10.03.2013 in RUS/Diamond (2010). He has currently 9x GM norms!
  • Wunderlich, Dr. Hans-Dieter (GER) on 13.03.2013 in RUS/Diamond (2010). He has currently 11x GM norms!
  • Wilczek, Tadeusz (POL) on 10.01.2013 in CL/2010/B2-b1 winning his board. This is his first GM norm and not the last one 🙂



Current GM norm statistics for Witold Bielecki Memorial participants are following:

#GM Norms Title Name, First Name Nat GM-since
11 GM Wunderlich, Dr. Hans-Dieter GER 2006
10 GM Nickel, Arno GER 2001
9 GM Voss, Maximilian GER 2003
9 GM Papenin, Nikolai UKR 2011
7 GM Busemann, Dr. Stephan GER 1996
7 GM Hall, Richard V. M. ENG 2002
7 GM Lafarga Santorromán, David ESP 2008
6 GM Hoeven, David A. van der NED 2004
6 GM Langeveld, Ron A. H. NED 2006
5 GM Ljubičić, Ing. Leonardo CRO 2011
3 GM Szczepański, Zbigniew POL 2011
2 GM Starke, Dr. René-Reiner GER 2012
1 SIM Wilczek, Tadeusz POL


Short biographical notes and statistics for MT-Bielecki participants have been updated accordingly.


Short biographical notes of participants click here (kliknij tutaj) updated (zaktualizowano) 2013-05-20
Krótkie notki biograficzne uczestników



Some statistics for MT-Bielecki participants click here (kliknij tutaj) updated (zaktualizowano) 2013-05-20
Wybrane statystyki uczestników Memoriału Bieleckiego


MT-Bielecki/Top results report as of 2013-05-20:

No White Black Result Result date
45 210773 Hall, Richard   V. M. 370921 Hoeven, David   A. van der Draw 2013-02-11
46 940817 Papenin,   Nikolai 85201 Starke,   Dr. René-Reiner Draw 2013-02-24
47 85201 Starke,   Dr. René-Reiner 421366 Wilczek,   Tadeusz Draw 2013-02-27
48 160789 Lafarga   Santorromán, David 81282 Nickel,   Arno Draw 2013-03-01
49 81348 Voss,   Maximilian 160789 Lafarga   Santorromán, David Draw 2013-03-02
50 80888 Busemann,   Dr. Stephan 370930 Langeveld,   Ron A. H. Draw 2013-03-09
51 421366 Wilczek,   Tadeusz 940817 Papenin,   Nikolai Draw 2013-03-12
52 210773 Hall,   Richard V. M. 420534 Szczepański,   Zbigniew Draw 2013-03-14
53 940817 Papenin,   Nikolai 370930 Langeveld,   Ron A. H. Draw 2013-04-09
54 370930 Langeveld,   Ron A. H. 85201 Starke,   Dr. René-Reiner Draw 2013-04-14
55 421366 Wilczek,   Tadeusz 210773 Hall,   Richard V. M. Draw 2013-05-01
56 160789 Lafarga   Santorromán, David 370930 Langeveld,   Ron A. H. Draw 2013-05-03


Full report of all results can be found at page “MT-Bielecki/Top games“.

After 56 games out of 78 (72%) leaders are (remaining games in brackets):

  1. Nickel-5,5 (+2)
  2. Voss-5,5 (+1)
  3. Hoeven-5,0 (+3)


Rating development of MT-Bielecki/Top players has been updated for the Rating List 2013/2:

Rating development 2013_2


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