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World Champions and congresses

There is a long tradition that world champions meet at ICCF congresses.

In according to my statistics the most frequent guests among world champions (including ICCF Congress 2013 in Kraków, Poland) are:

Times World Champions Remarks
24 11th Fritz Baumbach (GER) without any break since gaining world champion title !!!
9 6th Horst Rittner (GER)
9 12th Grigory Sanakoev (RUS)
7 16th Tunc Hamarat (AUT)

The biggest number of world champions hosted by ICCF Congresses:

ICCF Congress WC#
1999 Thun, Switzerland 6
2006 Dresden, Germany 6
2013 Kraków, Poland 6

At this page below evidences of these very specific meetings have been placed, based on my archive and photos from book „Who is the Champion of the Champions?” by Fritz Baumbach.

I would be happy to suplement this page with evidences for other congress meetings 🙂


2013 Kraków (POL)

World Champions to be present at the ICCF Congress 2013, Kraków (POLAND)

# WC # Period Surname First Name MF
1 06 1968-1971 Rittner Horst GER
2 11 1983-1989 Baumbach Fritz GER
3 20 2004-2011 Lehikoinen Pertti FIN
4 24 2009-2012 Šemrl Marjan SLO
5 25 2009-2013 Finocchiaro Fabio ITA
6 26 2010-? Langeveld Ron NED



2011 Helsinki (FIN)

2011 Helsinki (FIN)
From left to right: Marjan Šemrl, Pertti Lehikoinen, Tunc Hamarat, Fritz Baumbach and Horst Rittner
Five World Champions meeting at the ICCF Congress in Helsinki (Finland)


2006 Dresden (GER)

2007 Dresden (GER)
From left to right: Gert Jan Timmerman, Ivar Bern, Fritz Baumbach, Tunc Hamarat, Horst Rittner and Grigory Sanakoev
Six World Champions meeting at the ICCF Congress in Dresden (Germany)


1999 Thun (SUI)

1999 Thun (SUI)
From left to right: Horst Rittner, Tõnu Õim, Vytas Palciauskas, Fritz Baumbach, Mikhail Umansky and Grigory Sanakoev together with ICCF Honorary President Alan Borwell from Scotland
Six World Champions before the market fountain during the ICCF Congress in Thun (Switzerland)


1998 Riga (LAT)

1998 Riga (EST)
From left to right: Fritz Baumbach and Tõnu Õim
Double world champion Tõnu Õim and Fritz Baumbach in front of the monument of the great Paul Keres who defeated nine world champions. But Estonia had to wait for a world champion title until 1982 (picture taken during the ICCF Congress in Riga in 1998).


1988 Arhus (DEN) (Presidium Meeting)

1988 Arhus (DEN)
From left to right: Horst Rittner, Vladimir Zagorovsky, Fritz Baumbach and Jørn Sloth
It is very rare that a new champion is physically present at the ceremony during the ICCF Congress following his victory. Normally he receives his Gold Medal by post. Fritz Baumbach experienced this overwhelming moment.