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Timeline to Congress


Given that the ICCF 2013 Congress (Poland) will start on 20.07.2013, here are the deadlines agreed to by Congress:

Timeline [weeks] Date Days left Topic
T-14 13.04.2013 0 All Proposals to be considered for the 2013 Congress must be submitted to the appropriate committee/commission for deliberation
T-6 08.06.2013 0 All Proposals to be voted on in Congress are due
T-6 08.06.2013 0 Delegate and substitute delegate declarations due
T-4 22.06.2013 0 Proxy selections due
T-2 06.07.2013 0 Deadline for medal/certificates responsible official to be identified
T-0 20.07.2013 0 ICCF 2013 Congress starts


ICCF Congress 2012 minutes (excerpts)

The first issue raised and agree upon was the consideration that ICCF has a number of committees and commissions; all filled with highly knowledgeable and experienced players. It makes little sense to wait an entire year and submit proposals at the last minute, or even worse, at Congress without the benefit of committee/commission deliberation. Rarely does the notion of a correspondence chess emergency require immediate action, and if so, this is what the Executive Board is entrusted to handle.

It was agreed in principle by all in Congress that the following procedures regarding voting, proxies, delegates, medals and certificates, and proposals be followed:

(a) Proposals must be submitted to the appropriate committee/commission before being presented for discussion and voting at Congress. It was agreed that 2 months committee/commission time would be the minimum time allowed for discussion and opinions. If a proposal is submitted with less than 2 months time, the committee/commission may still consider the proposal, but an opinion to Congress is not guaranteed and the proposal may not be voted upon.

(b) 6-weeks prior to the start of Congress, all Proposals will be locked and a Proposal cover sheet provided to all delegates to offer time for questions, clarifications, and discussion with players and/or proxies.

(c) 6-weeks prior to Congress, all delegates intended to attend Congress or be represented by a substitute delegate must have indicated as such. A delegate-voting sheet will be distributed to all Member Federations.

(d) 4-weeks prior to Congress, proxy selections will be due. No proxy changes will be accepted after this date.

(e) 2-weeks prior to Congress, any Federations not represented by a delegate, substitute delegate, proxy holder, or Zonal Director, will be notified that the medals/certificates for their players will not be shipped to Congress and they may retrieve them at the next year’s Congress.