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Highlander folk band

(at Opening Banquet)





Mogilanie – regional folk group

(at Closing Banquet)

We are inviting to the performance of „Mogilanie” – regional folk group with band.


You will see fragment of wedding of Mogilany. In the course of performance „Mogilanie” will move you to the Cracovian village and will show „oczepiny” – the most important moment of the wedding – symbolic passage of bride from maden [young lady’s] status to bunch of noble-minded married women. Of course as it on the wedding – singings, dances and a real Cracow music won’t be missing. They will whirl tybet* skirts and peacock feathers by four-cornered hats , will dance dignified coifs of starost’s wives from celendra’s* of starosts …

*tybet=kind of thin wool material; celendra=kind of headgear


The group came into existence in autumn of 1984 and from its beginning it is working in the Commune Centre of Culture in Mogilany. Program of the group is composed of shows presenting ceremonies and customs the Cracovian village at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. Dresses were made after consultation with specialists from Ethnographic Museum in Cracow.

Musical material – words and melodies – were taken from the archive of this museum and from local interviews conducted in Mogilany and the most immediate surroundings.

Janina Kalicińska is an artistic director of the group, with instructor of the dance – Marek Harbaczewski, with instructor of the singing – Izabela de Lehenstein Werndl, the manager of the band – Adam Królik.

We are inviting!