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Currency rates in Kraków

Dear Friends,

Please don’t worry, if you bring with you your national currency.

There is more than 90 licenced exchange offices in Kraków!

For your convenience I provide few links below:

I added link to this page under „Take a look …” in the sidebar on the left.


Please be aware that exchange rate for payment by credit/debit card depends on a few factors – kind of your card, currency being applicable in a given country and the way of counting foreign transactions by your bank.

By using the currency converter you can get an indication of the rate you may receive when using your card.

Examples of currency converter for cardholders:

Before your travel it’s wise to check parameters of your cards and how they work. The major fees charged to customers are for:

  • Transactions in a foreign currency (as much as 3% of the amount). A few financial institutions do not charge a fee for this.
  • Exchange rate loading fees (sometimes these might not be reported on the customer’s statement, even when applied). The variation of exchange rates applied by different credit cards can be very substantial, as much as 10% according to a Lonely Planet report in 2009.


Please be reminded that currencies fluctuate every day.

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