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Header presents collection of trees in blossom pictured on 29.04.2012 during my visit in the Botanical Garden in Powsin Warsaw (Poland).


MT-Bielecki Top Players

MT-Bielecki Top Players update as of 14.06.2012

All 78 games started already and are running smoothly. As of today (14.06.2012) number of moves fluctuates from 4 to 30, average is 15. The most popular opening is as usual Sicilian Defence (35%). Next openings in a queue are Queen’s Gambit (17%) and Ruy Lopez (17%).

Lately GM norms achieved:

  • Nikolai Papenin (UKR) on 02.06.2012 in CS UNIVERSITY CRAIOVA – 10 years anniversary. This is his 7th GM norm.


Short biographical notes and statistics for MT-Bielecki participants have been updated accordingly.


Short biographical notes of participants click here (kliknij tutaj) updated (zaktualizowano) 14.06.2012
Krótkie notki biograficzne uczestników



Some statistics for MT-Bielecki participants click here (kliknij tutaj) updated (zaktualizowano) 14.06.2012
Wybrane statystyki uczestników Memoriału Bieleckiego


Rating development of MT-Bielecki/Top players has been updated for the Rating List 2012/3:



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