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Chess events

Agenda for chess events

Date Time Chess event
23.07. (Tue) 21:00–23:30 Simultaneous Chess Competition with GM Kamil Mitoń [in the hotel]
24.07. (Wed) 20:00-23:00 ICCF Blitz Tournament [in the Hotel]
25.07. (Thu) 17:00-20:00 Chess Match ICCF – Kraków [in the city centre]


Simultaneous Chess Competition with GM Kamil Mitoń on 2013-07-23



GM Kamil Mitoń gave show on 12 boards winning against ICCF participants 10,5:1,5. Show started at 21:00 and took until 00:20 after midnight (3 hours and 20 minutes).

Neil Limbert could reach draw and Iouri Koshmak bit GM Kamil Mitoń 🙂

Final results are placed in photo gallery.


ICCF Blitz Tournament on 2013-07-24



Two players shared the first place – IM Dmitry Lybin from Belarus and IM Virginijus Dambrauskas from Lithuania. However, Dmitry was better by tie-breaking, in addition Dmitry won against Virginijus.

Final standings after 11 rounds are presented in photo gallery above.

Chess Match ICCF – Kraków is going to happen in the city centre in Garrison Club (ul.Zyblikiewicza 1 – from the hotel about 20 minutes on foot) on 2013-07-25 (Thursday) at 17.00 and will take until 20.00 at most. Please be on time!


Match ICCF-Cracow on 2013-07-25