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Transfer from Warszawa Chopin Airport

Warsaw Chopin Airport (Polish: Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie) (IATA code: WAW)

is an international airport located in the south-west part of Warsaw, approximately 10 km from the city centre and 293 km from venue. The airport is easy to access by car, the municipal bus service or taxi.

Poland’s busiest airport, Warsaw Chopin handles just under 50% of the country’s air passenger traffic. Warsaw Chopin handles approximately 300 scheduled flights daily and an ever rising number of charters. London, Chicago, Frankfurt, Paris, and Amsterdam are the busiest international connections, while Kraków, Wrocław, and Gdańsk are the most popular domestic ones.


You have two options to reach Kraków:

  • train or
  • domestic flight.


1. Domestic flight to Kraków Airport

There are 5 flights a day.

Departures from Warsaw 08:25 12:35 15:00 19:35 22:45

Flight takes around 0h50m. Ticket costs around 430-520PLN (around 100-130EUR). However, sometimes they might be cheaper.


2. Train to Kraków Główny [railway station]

Ground transportation from the airport to Warszawa Centralna [railway station]

– urban rail, buses, taxi. The best and the fastest option is to take urban rail S3 line.

A rail link has been recently built to connect the airport’s underground Warsaw Chopin Airport railway station (built as part of Terminal A) to Warsaw city centre. Warsaw Central Railway Station (Warszawa Centralna) can be reached by the following trains:

  • S3 (SKM-Urban Rapid Rail) trains (carriages in white and red)
  • Masovian Railways (marked as KML) (carriages in white and green)

We advise to take S3 line. Approximate travel time 25 min.

After collecting your luggage you go by potential luggage control and reach the arrival hall. Go right until you reach construction site. Zones A&B are closed yet, so you need to take short (around 100 m, 4 min) walk outside to station entrance.

Then go out and just follow marking – symbol of train depicted on the ground (yellow) or walls (red) or description „Dojście do stacji SKM”. See pictures in gallery above.

Tickets and fares

  • single ticket for 1 person:
    • standard price 4,40PLN (around 1,10EUR)
    • reduced price 2,20PLN (around 0,55EUR) – eligible school children and students under 26 (needed valid ISIC or EURO<26 student card)
  • short-term 40-minute ticket for 1 person:
    • standard price 4,60PLN (around 1,15EUR)
    • reduced price 2,30PLN (around 0,60EUR) – eligible school children and students under 26 (needed valid ISIC or EURO<26 student card)
  • children until 7 and seniors above 70 – free of charge (passport to be presented, if necessary)




Ticket has to be validated immediately after entering train.

Tickets on the airport premises can be bought:

  • at the Passenger Service Centre in the arrival hall
  • from ticket vending machines located by the entrance to a railway station
  • from ticket vending machines in SKM trains


Train from Warszawa Centralna [Railway Station] to Kraków Główny [Railway Station]

Trains from Warsaw to Cracow depart every hour (from 05:35 to 20:35). Most of these connections are subject to compulsory reservation. Current timetable is available at the portal rozklad‐, however it is subject to change.

Travel (293 km) takes around 3 hours.

Ticket price depends on train (and class) and usually is varying in range of 127-165PLN (30-40 EUR). Sometimes it might be in range of 60-90PLN (15-25 EUR).

Please be careful and try to avoid train travelling above 5 hours!



Congress participants arriving in Poland might be supported by volunteers at the Warszawa Chopin Airport.