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Welcome to Kraków!

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Previous ICCF Congresses hosted by Poland

Poland hosted ICCF Congress three times: 1973-Warszawa, 1983-Poznań and 1993-Gdańsk. Some of you participated them and maybe you recognize yourself or other participants on the pictures 🙂

And now it’s time for Kraków!


See -> Kraków live!


FIDE Congress in Kraków

ICCF President, Eric Ruch from France, participated in FIDE Congress in Kraków in the period of 20-21.10.2011.

On 20.10.2011 in the evening, after congress meeting in Hotel Europejski, he was welcomed by ICCF Delegate to Poland, Mariusz Wojnar, and Polish cc player from Cracow, Piotr Walczak.

We could discuss differences between OTB and correspondence chess for a while with two Polish hosts – IA Andrzej Filipowicz and President of the Polish Chess Federation, Tomasz Sielicki.

Then substitute of the city attraction was presented during short walk in the Old Town. We had nice time in “Jama Michalika” (established in 1895), the most famous café for artists, very well known for almost one hundred years. Here most outstanding artists have met, here the cabaret „Zielony Balonik” began to exist and here the spirit of „Mloda Polska” was born.


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